Thursday, October 17, 2013

Where Conservatives Failed.

The conservative strategy during the recent government shutdown was to appeal to human decency.  We thought that if people were well informed, they would reach the same conclusions about government waste, obamacare, and assault on liberty as us, since these were reasonable conclusions.

1. The popular media moved against us by keeping the general population misinformed. This media, is in actuality, a government propaganda organ. The purpose of propaganda is to confuse and obfuscate, so no one should be surprised.  A better effort to circumvent the obfuscating MSM was needed.

2. Those conservatives in government lost because they employed a faulty strategy. They appealed to the decency of their government counterparts, and they do not possess this quality. They could care less about the hurt these programs bring to Americans and their families. We can only bargain with them if we possess something they need and desire. Our values are not shared by them, and they do not care how they appear to us.

A different strategy is needed.

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