Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Who Peed on the Bed?

In a bizzare story regarding the dirt Russians supposedly have on Trump, some intelligence agent alleged that Trump hired Russian prostitutes to pee on a bed Obama slept in. While I don't fully understand how such information might compromise president elect I can recognize infantile behavior. The premise here is that Obama's bed was peed in and this was supposedly done by KGB agents/Russian hookers, who were at that moment following Trump's orders.

In summary, if a bed Obama slept in was found to have urine stains, the most likely culprit is Obama. How bizzare that a convoluted report generated by American "intelligence" agents would try to pass the blame for bedwetting on KGB, Russian hookers, and Trump. I am surprised that Bush somehow escaped blame for this offence. In the past every failure of Obama's was blamed on Bush. Now it is Russians and Trump.

So I say to Obama: Enough!

Next time, just bring a fluid barrier for a mattress when you check into a hotel.