Thursday, August 29, 2013


No good can come from our entry into the Syrian civil war. Both sides are horrible and we cannot afford to befriend either of them.

On conservative sites we read about new developments that make it seem that America might stay out of that conflict after all. We read about falsified intelligence reports, we read about votes of rejection in the UK, and these seem like glimpses of reason peering through the fog.

I fear this is all wishful thinking. In the end, that madman Obama will drag us into this Syrian nightmare.  Feels like it's 1914 and we're on the verge of another world war.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why Islam is a Hate Crime

Asya Bibi is a poor Christian in Pakistan and she was sentenced to death for drinking water from a well during a hot day while working in the field.  The only Christian minister in Pakistan attempted to speak out on her behalf; he was murdered. Her daughters and her husband are in hiding, because their "peaceful" Muslim countrymen are trying to murder them.  In the end, it doesn't matter what her supposed crime was. The fact that Pakistan is 97% Muslim, tells you what happened to everyone else.

Read the story at NY Post.

When Muslims become the majority, there are no minority rights.  To become the majority, they murder people.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Rodeo clowns are brave performers who risk their lives to save cowboys in trouble. One such clown, a man who has done his job admirably for many years, put on a presidential mask during a recent performance. This is something that has been done over many years, with many different presidents. This time, it was different. This time the joke hit a little too close to home for some and they couldn't handle the criticism. They want to kill this clown.

Take a look at the outraged rodeo attendee who can't stand his president being ridiculed in this manner. Meet Perry Beam - the man who brought his wife and a Taiwanese student to the rodeo, and after seeing the clown performance, had to flee the scene because he just cannot handle such ridicule.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your perpetually outraged Obama voter. How dare our politicians impose the demands of such filth on the rest of us?  How and why do we allow this?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Obama's Visit to Martha's Vineyard

According to Vineyard Times, there are many residents who are pissed off about his visit.

For you vineyardians, I have a few decorating suggestions and I strongly recommend that you watch a movie called High Plains Drifter - it is my inspiration.

For starters, you should paint your houses red.

Then, change the name to Hell. 

And when the chief jackass arrives, have a celebratory bonfire.

Hillary Solsos = Same Old Lying Sack of Shit

Just read an old post about Hillary Clinton and her actions in 1974, when she participated in the Watergate investigation. Unethical conduct doesn't quite capture her behavior on that committee.

She was violent and vile.

So much so, that she was fired by the chief of staff and general counsel - Jerry Zeifman.  Out of hundreds of staff members that Zeifman supervised during his 14 year tenure with the House Judiciary Committee, she was one of only 3 people who received no recommendation and were considered unworthy of public trust. For many years, her disgraceful conduct placed a hold on her political career. Unfortunately, people forget.

Read for yourself at the link below.

HILLARY SOLSOS 2016 would make a nice bumper sticker.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yesterday Boston, Today the World.

The insane reaction that we witnessed in Boston, when the entire city was locked down while searching for a the younger of 2 terrorist brothers, have now been applied to the entire Western world. No way to win this war with imbeciles like Obama and Kerry in charge.  They should both be locked up and charged with terrorism.