Monday, December 29, 2008

The Visit

This morning I caught a glimpse of an old movie starring Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Quinn. The movie plot focuses on a poor dying town, to which a wealthy woman, who once lived there, returns. She was disgraced there in her youth and now wants revenge on the man and the people who disgraced her. She offers the townspeople money for this man's execution. They eventually accept and just before this man is executed, she stops the process and the townspeople are forced to live with their moral choice. "The Visit" brilliantly portrays how money can buy murder.

It is interesting just how much in sync the plot of this movie, is with current world events. Lets consider Israel, the UN, and Arab oil money. Although Jews have committed no greater sins in their lives than any other group, there is a call for their murder. World organizations fueled by petrodollars and proclaiming to be seekers of human rights and justice, clamor for the death of Jews and the destruction of Israel. Newspapers worry about how this unrest in the middle east, will affect the "price of oil." These propaganda rags seek donations from murdering dictators and in turn, publish the words of terrorists, child killers, and proclaim their support for these scum.

A small country besieged by violent neighbors and its population constantly bombarded with rockets and mortars, is asked to die quietly. Did I hear a single UN leader or an MSM newspaper saying during that recent period-enough is enough, Israel must defend itself. Not one coward spoke up.

I am also certain that the decision to fire on Gaza was made after there were no other options. It is easy for those of us in the safety our American homes, to act gung ho and express our pride in Jewish military capabilities. Consider the Jews cowering in bomb shelters in southern Israel. Consider the families throughout all of Israel wondering whether an indiscriminate, or specifically targeted to hit civilian dwellings, rocket will land on their heads. This war is not so easy for them, and I am certain that the operation in Gaza was made as the option of last resort. There was nowhere else to turn.

What do we hear from world's newspapers and cowards of the UN. "Disproportionate response." We hear calls for Israelis to stop fighting and to bestow money and gifts on Hamas. We see pictures provided by terrorists showing the suffering of children that these same vermin caused, and we see Israelis blamed for these crimes. A more accurate portrayal would have shown photographs with rows of dead Hamas terrorists, with civilians standing safely and looking down at them. You won't easily find these pictures.

When Pakistani trained monsters mutilated Jews in Mumbai, the New York Times went out of their way to suggest that the terrorists did not specifically target Jews. It seemed as if they just happened to walk by the Chabad house. Did this newspaper describe just how depraved and disgusting the actions of these vermin were? The sympathy expressed for these murderers by these filthy rags was well paid for. They urged Indian restraint.

Now, we hear all these cowards call to stop the bloodshed of innocent Palestinians. Again, they call for restraint. What motivates them? Do they fear their wallets shrinking or do they fear the sword of an enraged Muslim hurdling towards their necks?

The Saudis, Iranians, and the insane Hugo Chavez will offer the world money to murder Jews and to prevent Israeli victory over these bloodthirsty animals on the nation's borders. UN representatives after receiving petrodollar bribes, echo these calls. It is not only greed that they follow, it is also fear because they hope that by feeding this crocodile saves them for last. What will they say in their defense, in the next world? In the end, G-d will judge them.

Israel, I pray for your safety and your victory over your enemies. As an American and a Jew, I know well, that your enemies are my enemies.