Tuesday, May 31, 2011

UN Raising Concern Of Possible Collapse Of The US Dollar.

See the original article from Reuters here.

Commentary and analysis done at zerohedge.

Maybe this is just hot air coming from China and Russia. They've been trying to talk others into disengaging the world economy from the US dollar for years. On the other hand, our current administration in DC have been idolizing those Commie bastards for decades and are now in position to sink our battleship USA.

Scary times.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Obama Visits Europe: A Modern Reminder Of The Biblical Plagues.

There goes the neighborhood.

Run for cover.

Too bad, he didn't get stranded along with the rest of the folks trying to fly out of Britain. We, on this side of the pond, could really use a break.

They, the Europeans, should be happy. We have sent them our best clown.

The court jester.

The prankster.

The life of a party.

And if you're not satisfied, Michelle will rid you of that rodent problem. Is that a tail sticking out of her mouth?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fiat Trouble.

Today, the Belorussian ruble was the subject of confusing and contradictory news reports coming out of Reuters.

At 6:33 AM, the average Belorussian was informed of some good financial news: the ruble is continuing to strengthen. All those pensioners concerned about their ability to buy the weekly groceries could breathe a sign of relief.

However at 8:33 AM, their celebration turned out to be premature as the ruble was devalued by the country's central bank: Oh oh. How much did the central bank pilfer of each citizen's savings? Thirty six percent, according to Reuters.

What can one say? Could have been worse. In fact, it was if you take the time to check Reuters math. On May 23, one American dollar was worth 3,155 Belorussian rubles, and on May 24 it will be worth 4,930 Belorussian rubbles. That means it was devalued by 56 percent in one night.

One week ago, there was a story in the Wall Street Journal that described an old pensioner who could not take the time to stand in line, waiting to change her rubles into the more "stable" dollars. In reality, it is a known fact that the bank exchange service will typically run out of foreign currency very quickly and that it is a complete waste of time waiting in such a line. The black market exchange rate is closer to 8,000 rubles for one dollar.

Below is a photo of drivers in Minsk waiting to fill up their cars, before the next rate change.

Next, is a photo of what it was like to try to buy something in a Belorussian store today.

Think of this as a dressed rehearsal for the next FIAT currency collapse. Yes, I do mean the US dollar.

On a humorous note, there was an announcement by the Belorussian central bank rejecting any notion of "sharp devaluation". The punchline is that it was dated April 1st.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Libya is So Yesterday. Today We Attack Pakistan.

Video of NATO attacking Pakistan.

The world gone insane.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Did they get any DNA evidence off Osama's porn stash?

Yesterday, the world got a glimpse of the mountains of intelligence gathered at the Bin Laden's "secret" compound. This was like an act taken right out of the Ocean's 11 movie script. In the movie, casino vault robbers rig up a van carrying stolen bags of money, which in turn is chased by the casino's security team. This van is remotely driven to a quiet location, at which point the security team rush the vehicle and riddle it with bullets. Examining the back of the van, they discover no bags of money but rather bags filled with hooker ads. Meanwhile, the vault robbers quietly exit the casino, carrying all the loot with them, while every one else was distracted.

So, since the mound of intelligence is now revealed to be a pile of trashy porn did we really get Bin Laden?

I want some proof and no, I won't accept a link to RedTube as evidence.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Was Osama Bin Laden's Death a Distraction?

Foolishly, I linked to a complete nut-case and have since removed this link.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rites and Rights

Within the liberal cesspool known as San Francisco, activists have a new cause. Forget global swarming - that is so old school. The new rallying cry: "Save The Foreskin!"

Despite numerous studies within medical journals on the benefits of male circumcision, the people of San Francisco want to institute a ban on this ancient rite. Forget that a man with a circumcised penis is less likely to have urinary tract infections, develop penile cancer, and catch STD's including AIDS. We must think of the rights of the germs to live and multiply.

Soviets had a similar policy, but there was a much clearer explanation for the ban in the USSR. It was hatred of Jews. I suspect the same motivation among the liberal Friscans.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bubbles, Tsoris, and Precious Metals.

Since Sunday evening, precious metals prices started to fall. A price correction was expected due to these metals' recent skyrocketing prices. At first, no one was particularly concerned.

Monday silver lost about 10 percent of its value but just one week prior it gained 10%.
Tuesday, another 8 percent loss...No worries.
Wednesday 6 percent.
Today another 14 percent loss. Now people are worried.
People who invested over the past month lost close to 40%.

Questions are being asked and some interesting answers come to light.

According to FOX news, there were 2 important reasons for why precious metal stocks plummeted.

1. Large investors including a fund managed by George Soros pulled out of the market one week ago. This was done way before anyone thought the climb was ending and small investors continued to excitedly buy silver. When Soros pulled out, other large investors followed suit.

2. Margin hikes for precious metals introduced by CME, made it more expensive to trade silver and priced many small investors out of the market.

It is interesting how Soros pulling out and CME margin hikes occurred several days before the fall. Also interesting that very few people had a clue until a week later.



Maybe this is all a smoke screen meant to create the illusion of stability for Fiat money?