Saturday, May 14, 2011

Did they get any DNA evidence off Osama's porn stash?

Yesterday, the world got a glimpse of the mountains of intelligence gathered at the Bin Laden's "secret" compound. This was like an act taken right out of the Ocean's 11 movie script. In the movie, casino vault robbers rig up a van carrying stolen bags of money, which in turn is chased by the casino's security team. This van is remotely driven to a quiet location, at which point the security team rush the vehicle and riddle it with bullets. Examining the back of the van, they discover no bags of money but rather bags filled with hooker ads. Meanwhile, the vault robbers quietly exit the casino, carrying all the loot with them, while every one else was distracted.

So, since the mound of intelligence is now revealed to be a pile of trashy porn did we really get Bin Laden?

I want some proof and no, I won't accept a link to RedTube as evidence.