Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Libya is So Yesterday. Today We Attack Pakistan.

Video of NATO attacking Pakistan.

The world gone insane.



Rose said...

It IS insane!

But, I've been thinking - you know what's good about Obama? I finally found one thing.

Obama is a Dem. As a (D) he can do anything. He can act with impunity. And he is. So he can kill all the radical Middle Eastern leaders, oust the leader of Egypt, kill Ghaddaffi, kill Osama, bomb the crap out of Pahkeestahn, and if he is actually successful and if he is actually competent, maybe the world will be a better place without those madmen.

The trouble is - given the 'better the enemy you know' scenario - we don't know what is going to fill the void in Egypt, Libya, Pahhhkeeestahn, and Obama seems to lean towards Muslim Brotherhood, Chavez murderous dictator-types.

By the time the liberal "progressives" wake up it will be too late.....

But we must hold it all together, he is one man and he will not be in office much longer.

Oddly enough, the captcha word verification is: warized

Ex-Dissident said...


I disagree with you on a major point. If Obama was alone, he wouldn't matter much. The real problem is everyone else in this world who voted for Obama. Like you said, when he's gone God only knows what sort of nut will be elected to fill the spot. The world will continue on its descent into madness.

GW said...

The problem is that Pakistani society is hopelessly riven between the secularists and the Islamists - a fact reflected in the military also. It does not surprise me that some Islamist in the Paki army with a death wish would order fire on Americans near the border. I am surprised it doesn't happen more often. The answer to such wildcard actions is simple - respond with overwhelming, lethal force.

I can actually attest to how this type of situation can occur. As an infantry officer on the DMZ in Korea, I was in the midst of a major firefight when a NORK officer decided to lead his men across the border chasing a defector and firing at our positions. When the smoke cleared, there were a lot of dead NORK's. And to the best of my knowledge, they have not been quite so aggressive since.

At any rate, the Pakis on the border will get the message quickly enough. Actually, I am encouraged by seeing this response. We should have responded similarly to Iranian armed forays into Iraq.