Monday, April 26, 2010

The Perpetual Campaign.

Racism, class warfare, lies.

The longer this bastard sits in office, the worse off our country shall be. He corrupts all that he touches.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Few Words About Arizona.

People who enter our country should be expected to respect our laws. If they enter the country illegally, then they should expect deportation. I don't understand the fierce opposition. And, I am a 1st generation immigrant. Sure, I get the Democratic uproar: They believe that Hispanics will vote for them if they support for amnesty. Also, the Democrats believe that once felons obtain the right to vote, that they will mostly vote for other Democrats. What's next? How about lowering the voting age to 5? Obama's public school program is well on its way.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Second chances in politics and beyond.

The other day I was channel surfing and caught a glimpse of this show called "Blood Sweat and T-shirts". This is a show that features a small group of spoiled British teenagers who like clothing bargains and fast food. These kids are sent to work in some clothing factory in India or a shrimp processing plant in Indonesia. Then a supervisor either berates these wanna-be-actors or shows them some compassion even thought their work is shoddy. This show is aired on the "green" channel I guess the producers of this show wanted a Western audience to feel guilt over the wasteful lives we live, and to show the world how much suffering goes on within undeveloped countries that our jobs have been outsourced to. Personally, I could care less about the whinny bratty teenagers that star in this show; in fact seeing them suffer gives me a weird sense of pleasure-something the show producers likely intended.

As I thought about my reaction, my mind started wandering and I recalled another reality TV show - "The Apprentice". In this particular show, the contestants get to kiss Donald Trump's ass while he goes through some idiotic rant. I guess there is an appeal to some, involving a dumb fantasy about striking it rich for people who lack the ability to succeed in the world outside the television set. Obviously this generalization doesn't apply to all as the producers recently inserted a disgraced politician; specifically the former Illinois governor -Blago. Maybe they thought that inserting someone infamous into the hot seat would improve their ratings, but it hasn't worked. As an aside note, I think that the real problem is with the head idiot on this show, Trump. Every time I hear his voice on the radio, I cringe and quickly change the channel.

Although these reality shows are largely dismal failures, Mel Brooks was onto something when he made The Producers. By that I mean that if you put a whole bunch of wrongs into a show, you may get something right.

So here is my proposal:

Send Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and a whole lot of political wrongs to work at a sweat shop in India and shrimp factories in Indonesia.

Get it all on film: their whining, incompetence, spinelessness, trying to survive through backstabbing, being berated by an illiterate shop foreman...

I bet that this show would draw a world wide audience. Hell, the advertisements would be so profitable that they might even lower our national debt.

Lastly, perhaps one of these wrongs might actually learn about the world and develop a sense of worth. Maybe even cultivate a strength in character. Then our country can benefit from his or her return.

I do believe in second chances, but I also believe that to benefit from a second chance you must be able to learn from your mistakes. Such a show would teach Americans some truth about the people they elected and hopefully give us all a second chance at democracy and prosperity.