Friday, October 7, 2011

My Sympathy for the Wall St. Protesters. (Updated)

They don't have many options. They were taught nonsense. They live in a world of fantasy. Now mom and dad have gotten old. Their retirement savings have been depleted. Mom and dad cannot support them forever.

Where will they go?

What can they do?

It is without doubt, that they will play the roles of useful idiots.

Who will they follow?

Update Nov 6th:

Since I first wrote this, several of the above questions have been answered. They follow the pied pipers of ACORN and others filled with hate and misinformation. They go to work for those who want them as slaves. They are prey for any predator that comes along. Whether that predator comes in form of a pickpocket, a rapist, or a police-badge wearing thug. Race hustlers such as Obama, Jackson, and Sharpton have done very well in such a crowd.

The question that remains is whether any good will come from the imminent conflagration. Whatever good comes of this, will not be from these nuts and ignorants. Maybe the TEA party folks will respond more threateningly than they've thus far. So far the TEA rallies have been civil, but the other side wants violence. One thing is certain, the 2012 election will be chaotic and war-like.

Lets see what the next week brings out; general election for 2011 in only 2 days.