Sunday, March 31, 2013

NYC Teen Sex App.

Vulnerable, because you're young and have a messed up relationship with your parents? Shh, it will be our little secret says the government of NYC. Just put your trust in nanny Bloomberg and your parents don't ever need to find out. No doubt, senator Bob (the Dominican "hobbyist") Menendez and ex-congressman Anthony D(ick). Weiner are paying close attention.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

International Socialism.

The euro was created out of a socialist dream. They wanted to do away with national borders and create a single economy.  Then they ran out of money and what were they to do now? They had to find money somehow.

So, the IMF closed the banks, and and suggested that all deposits be looted. The Cypriot politicians realizing that such an action would lead to mass revolt and likely hangings of the current politicians, resisted. Then the IMF came up with a different plan that didn't involve asking for permission from the Cyprus politicians. So after over 1 week, the banks granted limited access to thelocals, allowing them to withdraw no more than 300 euros per day. Furthermore, they cannot leave the country with more than 1000 euros.  Essentially the local population is hostage.

So how is that socialism working out for you? Look below to see socialism for what it is, without any pretense. The democrats in office are basically all socialists. See them for what they really are. They are thieves and thugs.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fighting Reality.

I don't know how else to describe all the nonsense about gay marriage. If 2 guys want to pretend that they formed a family and one, or both, of them wants to pretend that he's pregnant, then they can go ahead and pretend. Pretending, doesn't make it true though and it won't change laws governing chemistry and biology. It doesn't matter how much they scream about it. I think there was once some British king who wanted to legislate the laws of physics. At the time, people outside his court laughed at him and considered him more of a jester than a king.

It's not just the gays, though. Our fiscal policy is another exercise in delusion. Same with our schools. Same shit, different titles.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ask Your Liberal Friends.

What is the difference between a National Socialist and an International Socialist.  Ask them which world view they identify with. I would love to hear their explanation.

What's Good for Cyprus, Should be Good for California.

Fuck Hollywood and the California elite.  The rest of us can play this class warfare card too; if it happened in Cyprus, it can happen anywhere. California is bankrupt and to get more federal money, lets trim the fat of every Californian holding their money in a bank. I say, take every penny in accounts that post over the FDIC limit. Then, take every gun out of the hands of people silly enough to keep their money at home. Then get a bowl of popcorn and watch the entertainment.  We won't have to spend millions to see violent action video emerging from that liberal utopia anymore.

Before too long, Hollywood Hills will look like Obama's Chicago project neighborhood or Detroit. Moonbeam. stick your filthy nose into another pile of coke. Your DC drug dealer will only ask for a small  favor in return.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Future State.

Several days ago I asked Daniel Greenfield for his thoughts on Cyprus and today he posted another one of his incredibly insightful essays. Read the whole thing.

Here is an excerpt:

The left likes to pretend that removing the middle class will make room for some clean regime of the oppressed. What it will actually do is remove the citizenry with enough power and wealth to keep government in check and replace it with beggars and rebels who depend on government subsidies while hating the government. If you want to see what an extended bout of that looks like, you can travel to the Middle East. These days you can try Europe as well.

What is taking place in Cyprus today, cannot hold a candle to what the former Soviets went through during the last 20 years. One fine day the government announced that all deposited money in the bank or inside your mattress had to be converted into new paper money within  a 2 day period. The banks would convert only up to a said amount, which was about 2,000 rubles. Afterwards, the remaining money would become void. When this happened, 1 Soviet ruble, was equivalent to about 60 US cents. Shortly after this new currency appeared, 5,000 rubles were the equivalent of 1 us dollar. And people complained, and voiced their frustration, and turned on each other, and in the end accepted their fate.  This is what 70 years of Soviet rule accomplished.  A state of beggars.

We are quickly replacing our citizenry with fresh immigrants, coming to us from such regimes. The do not share our culture and our values.  In general, they will vote for the same state that trained them. Our future state is being built.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bad Loans.

Up until this weekend I had the mistaken notion that money you deposit into a bank, remained your money. I believed that it was there for safe keeping and for such storage, the bank would extract a small percentage of the interest that this money should earn under current inflationary growth.

I was wrong. Once this money is deposited in the bank, this is no longer your money. This is a loan you made to the bank. In return, the bank promised to pay you a very very small interest on your loan. There was also a federal guarantee that, up to a certain amount, that money would return to you even in the case of this bank bankrupting.

That notion of a federal guarantee was destroyed this weekend. So all you have to rely on, is the belief that this bank will honor your particular loan. The truth is that the bank will honor this loan contract as long as it remains in the bank's interest to honor this contract, or more precisely as long as it is in the interest of the men and women running this bank. They are not a moral bunch.

The next equation to calculate, would be are they a sane bunch? Is this bank in financial trouble? Does it use a sound business model? Are its directors people of sound mind? In other words, is this a good loan or a bad loan?

The US justice department believes that the credit rating agencies should share some of the risk for such bad loans. They likely believe that in the end, these financial institutions will forfeit on their loans.

You better take another look at the soundness of business practices of the people you lend your money to.

Looks like Denmark has its own Geert Wilders.

She doesn't have his hair, but still...

Welcome Marie Krarup. Nice.

Banks and Bailouts

So Cyprus banks were declared healthy very recently. Then we learned that they need a large bailout and that the deposit insurance agreement, which guaranteed safety of deposits up to 100,000 euros was a pipe dream. OK. This likely means that FDIC insurance is the same scam as the European banking insurance.

Are the Bank of America, HSBC, or Chase banks holding on to the same toxic assets, that the Bank of Cyprus held? Do they need a bailout?  Where will they get their collateral money from?  Keep in mind, that our justice department recently went after Standard and Poor over giving unjustly high rating to our own securities. Heh, there is that Orwellian terminology again: "securities."  That also, was a desperation move.

The answers to above questions are: yes, yes, and you. Now let me ask another question: does the US need a bailout? What will the US government give as collateral to the Chinese? Answer this one, yourself.

I don't know what the short term solution here is. It may still be a better decision to keep your money in the bank, rather than stuffed into your mattress. After all, this paper money can just as easily be "taxed" via the federal printing press. Metals may seem like an answer, but who are you going to sell your silver and gold to? If you go to some "cash for gold" store, you'll get only 50 cents on the dollar. If you use papers to buy these metals, you'll pay a premium. Furthermore, the government can simply declare possession of gold bullion illegal, like it did under Roosevelt. And lastly, unless you know how to protect your stash, this money is not any safer in your possession, than it is in some bank. Those who want it, will come and take it.

Scary times.

Monday, March 18, 2013

More thoughts on Cyprus.

This attempt to loot the deposited accounts in Cyprus was a desperation move. The whole freaking Ponzi scheme is about to fall apart. That's right folks: GLOBAL FINANCIAL MELTDOWN.

We have our own "taxes" here too.

Denninger pointed out an important observation regarding the recent plunder of savings accounts via "taxes" in Cyprus. Here, in the good old USA, we had our Supreme court justices transform some unconstitutional mandate into something they called a "tax". And now, Obamacare is here to stay.   California and New York also have a few ideas about "taxes".  Thieves all around.

Back to Serious Things.

If you want an inside look at what the modern pack of thieves do, when they're not being watched, read this article.

While some of the Cypriot politicians and various bureaucratic European scum argued over who to rob and how much to take, the rest of them hung around in hallways playing games on their mobile phones.  These are the folks who believe themselves to be our betters. They are the same rotten lot currently roaming the halls in DC. They lack wisdom, they lack intelligence, and they lack any sense of morality.

Time to chose: are you to be free or are you to be a slave?

Bury your face in some mobile app, watch American Idol, denounce your neighbor....that is the way of the slave.

Refuse them.


Chatter on the Radio

While I was driving home and listening to talk radio today, I expected to hear reporting about Cyprus.  Instead, I heard some nonsense about the History channel and their Bible show casting an actor to play Satan, who apparently looked like Obama. So on various news websites, there are all these pictures of some guy who looks like a cross between emperor Palpatine and Obama. These pictures are associated with a recurring question: "Why does Satan look like Obama"?

Looking back, there were other curious pictures of this modern day lord of the flies. So rather than what's being asked above, I want to know - why does Obama look like Satan?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Manipulated Markets

With this weekend's news of deposit money confiscation in Cyprus, as soon as the trade market opened, silver and other precious metals spiked. Within a short time, you can see the effects of market manipulation by the banks. Yes, the same folks who raided their depositor's accounts this weekend.

Watch the green line.  More volatility to come...

Some are saying this confiscation was justified because much of the money held in banks in Cyprus was ill-gotten and belonging to Russian oligarchs. I guess it is OK then to shoot into a crowd of people, so that one of your bullets hits a street thief. Others say this speculation is nonsense, because the Russian oligarchs moved most of their money into Switzerland;  who knows.   I don't see how anyone can honestly justify the act of physically going into others' bank accounts and stealing their money.

Of course, this is precisely what our treasury department is doing by printing trillions of dollars.  The only reason we don't see the effects as drastically as the Cypriots just experienced, is because the Europeans finance wizards are even more deranged than ours.

Bank Holiday, Euro style.

This is a wild weekend for those living along the waters of the Mediterranean. On Friday night, some shady Eurozone "officials" began looting deposit accounts of all those holding their money in Cyprus banks. They locked the doors and banned electronic money transfers.  At first ATM cards wouldn't work at all, and when some stores were able to initiate the use of ATM cards, it was only after a 6.75-10 percent theft was applied to each transaction.  Fearing a run on banks, these officials declared that the banks would remain closed, through this weekend and until Tuesday. Now it seems, that they are to remain closed this Tuesday, as well.

According to the latest polls soliciting opinions of those residing in Cyprus, most of the island inhabitants are more upset at the fact that small deposits - those amounting to less than 100k euros, have to be "taxed". They don't mind the taxes being applied to the larger depositors.

Well folks, looks like we have a working model for looting the rest of that pseudocontinent, and the other continents too. Steal from everyone, and drum up class warfare rhetoric.  Come to think of it, this theft is already well on its way here.  It just hasn't yet gotten so blatant, as it did in Cyprus this weekend.

I wonder when Washington DC will declare an American bank holiday?


In the island nation of Cyprus, the politicians decided that the fair way of raising some money, was to close the banks until Tuesday, not allow any electronic transfers, and then apply a "tax" penalty to all account holders. Those who have over 100,000 euros saved in their accounts, will have 10% of their savings confiscated. Those who own less than 100,000 euros, will have only 6.75% of their savings stolen. They call it a tax, you can call it whatever you want.

If there is anyone, anyone on that fucked up semi-continent called Europe who has any sense left, they would do everything they can to buy a gun and load up on bullets. Things will get very bloody messy, very very soon.

When you look at the picture above, you probably paid most attention to the fact that one holding the bag of money is being robbed by the one holding the gun. There is something in that picture that deserves equal, and maybe even more, attention. There is only one person in this picture with a gun.  That's how this gun grab that our own poles are now busy pushing forward, eventually works out.  It is the only possible outcome between two groups, when you disarm one while arming the other.  Just keep telling yourself that it is for the children...

Yeah, and the DHS really needed billions of hollow point bullets because they were on sale....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Future Democratic Party Character.

"The coalitions that the left built up to consolidate its rule are being hijacked and used by the Brotherhood as the building blocks of their rule instead."

The modern Democratic party member  is a big government socialist who tries to micromanage every aspect of your life.  It is that elitist snob who thinks they are better than you and plans to create their perfect world by turning you, the Bible thumping and gun clinging yokels, into unquestioning progressive drones - their mirror images.  They will decide what car you'll be allowed to drive, what you may eat and drink, what you may read, what you may say, and ultimately what you may think.   

This insufferable Marxist drone, being turned out en masse by our ministry of misinformation - the public school system,  will soon become eclipsed by the another breed of thought controlling micro-manager.  This future Democrat will be the jihadist lunatic who wants to rape your sons and daughters and cut off your head, to build his perfect world.   Why will the Democratic party transform into an even uglier beast? Because their current drones display peace signs, walk about in a stuporous daze, and don't reproduce. Their replacements will are sharpening knives, making bombs, and turning out a dozen kids per female. 

Yup, things can get much worse when a child molesting Menendez gets replaced by a child torturing, paranoid, and delusional Abdul Mohamed Al Wacko.  Do you recall the crowd of Arabs that swarmed around and raped Lora Logan in the Egyptian square? That is what the future Democratic party convention will look like.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Must Read for all those Living in Whoville.

 "An illiterate peasantry is needed for a proper neo-feudal regime."

Just read.

Then turn to Dr. Seuss.

Local Gestapo

According to The Blaze report, a property tax assessor called the local police to arrest a woman for questioning him. The police acted much like the Nazi gestapo - they lied to her and coerced her.  I guess it could have been worse; they could have just placed her against the wall and shot her in front of her 7 year old child, or they could have shot the whole family. Still, it was another testimony to the awful changes that have come to our country.

Bottom line...New Jersey does NY.... and so does Colorado.

Monday, March 11, 2013

About Drones

"the real issue,... is not that military drones are coming to get us, but that human drones are voting in blocs and coalitions for a vast unfunded nanny state."

"The enemy isn't a United States Air Force Staff Sergeant downing a Mountain Dew and then looking for a Toyota pickup truck filled with armed men and a goat in Waziristan. .... The enemy is in the non-profit think-tanks that come up with the latest 'nudge' to socialize people and the latest billionaire who gets bored and wants to treat an entire city like his employees. .... The enemy is every bright-eyed boy and girl who leave college determined to make the world a better place by eliminating all the things and people they have been told are bad. The enemy is the entire system of education and entertainment that shaped them into human drones on a mission of progress. "

Read the rest here.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

East and West.

This weekend, the blog Gates of Vienna linked to a beautiful video of spontaneous performance of Tchaikovsky at an Israeli hospital.

Then, someone via comments asked about a Muslim equivalent show, so that a fair and balanced viewpoint could be presented. Here it is.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why the Freedom Of Speech is Dead in America.

There are many examples, and I will list 3 here.

1. An American from Egypt sits in jail for making a movie trailer. Every branch of our government went out of their way to blame him for a terrorist attack on our ambassador in Libya.

2. Is there a single major newspaper reporting on Benghazi murderers and what this administration was up to?  Have we all concluded that there is no longer any need for any further inquiry because, it simply won't do anyone any good to persist in asking these questions?

3. Anyone who questions Obama, is labeled a terrorist, and not directly by the Obama administration. The liberal media are happy to do this themselves. TEA party grandmas have been designated racists, fanatics, and terrorists and their voices have been drowned out by Fascist stooges in the government and the msm.

You think that freedom of speech still exists in this country? Go on and tell your neighbor how you really feel about this government. Or, do you tell your kids to keep quiet and not mention anything discussed at home, to their friends at school?

Welcome to tyranny.

Now ask yourself, why are they so concerned about the few Americans who still have a weapon to defend themselves with? No, your pistol or your hunting rifle won't prevent the overpowering state from pushing you around. You cannot match their firepower.  Let them believe they have the upper hand. Let them believe that you don't pose a threat to their tyranny. Meanwhile keep this in mind: the state is a clumsy and slow behemoth.  Outsmart them. That should be your weapon.

This civil war will heat up. Stay smart. Don't run into machine-gun fire with a fake wooden rifle.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Stand Up to Fascists!

An ominous future awaits the Europeans and us.

Plan ahead.

Fascism and Communism are two sides of the same coin.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Illegal Administration

Napolitano starts releasing illegal aliens as a scare tactic.  They are trying to inflate their ranks ahead of the coming calamities. The only word that can describe what this administration does is criminal.