Saturday, May 26, 2012

Did Obama Perform Gay Favors for Drugs?

Obama's high school days have recently come under scrutiny and we learn that he was a member of a clique whose main reason for being was to smoke marijuana. Choom is a verb that specifically means to smoke pot.  His yearbook photo basically summarizes what he did throughout high school.

In the caption, Obama gives thanks to his pot-head friends and singles out Ray the drug dealer - interesting. No girlfriend acknowledgement, nothing about his mother but, a drug dealer is prominently thanked. This Ray was a long haired hippie drug dealer, lived in a bus at an abandoned factory, and was eventually murdered by his scorned gay lover.  Now, unless Obama had a steady flow of income to pay for his drugs, there is a good chance that he used alternative methods of payment.  Since it is a fair assumption that he played sports and smoked pot all day long, he probably didn't have much time for work. He still doesn't.  

So, Obama and Ray had some good times....

Q: What sort of man whores himself to other men for drugs? 

Q: Who or what wouldn't he sell out?

We must not allow our country to be subject to his pathological whims any longer. I am not enthusiastic about Romney, but my God, just about anyone will be an improvement over Obama. 

Read more here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weirder and Weirder - Down the Rabbit Hole We Go. (Update and Correction)

As I read about Obama's Kenyan birth today, I saw a picture of his birth certificate among one of the various posts that I came across. Just glancing at it, I noticed that his mother was very young when she gave birth to him. How young? 18.


Calculating the estimated day of conception, she would have just barely turned 18 when she became pregnant with BHO jr.

Was Obama's father a rapist?


I forgot just how messed up his mother was.  If you care to see her porn photos, you can easily find them on the web.

So let get this straight: Obama is a product of a child rapist and a teenager who let dirty old men take nude photos of her. He was raised by Marxists who hate this country, and he is a pathological liar.

I am beginning to understand why so many Democrats voted for a convict in jail during the primary. At least that guy in jail jail.

Correction: If you use a date of conception calculator, Obama was supposedly conceived in early November 1960, while his mother was still 17 years old. So, Obama Sr. was guilty of statutory rape.

Obama the Kenyan. (Updated)

Ok, this is a big deal. just posted a story about Obama's literary agent claiming that he was born in Kenya. BHO's bio listed him as being born in Kenya, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, and was distributed by his publisher as far back as 1991. The listing didn't change until months after he made his presidential bid in 2007.

One could say that it is simply an overlooked mistake.

Overlooked by his publisher, even after he became a national figure as a U.S. senator?

Overlooked for sixteen years?

Obama never reviewed this information and never signed off on its veracity?

Well, to quote that broken clock of a vice president - Joe Biden:  "This is a Big F'ing Deal"

-Even a broken clock is right twice each day.


Another interesting and related story. In a New Jersey Court, Obama's lawyer admits that his long form birth certificate is a forgery. Then claims that the fake birth certificate is irrelevant....


Am I living inside a Twilight Zone episode?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ha Ha.

A black guy, an illegal alien, a Muslim, and a Communist walk into a bar.

The bartender says: "What can I get you Mr. President?"

-I read it over at the Gates of Vienna.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nanny and Ninny City: Land of 1,000 Insane Regulations

Today I drove to Manhattan with some visiting relatives. I hate driving into the city because it is always such a hassle to find a parking spot, but the upside of being there is the ability to tour grand museums and sample food prepared by master chefs.

My visitors brought kids and we all decided to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is an amazing place filled with inspiring works of art; some of the pieces date back 6,000 years and there are huge rooms filled with paintings by such masters as Van Gogh and Degas.

After finally finding a parking place that was only a 10 minute walk from the museum, we nearly ran to its entrance as 1/2 of our party desperately needed a bathroom. While the others were using the facilities, I went to pay the entrance fees.

At the Metropolitan Museum of art, visitors have to wear a small pin that indicates they paid admission.  A child's fare is far cheaper than that of an adult and being in the company of 2 newly turned teenagers, I paid for 3 adults and 2 kids.  To my surprise, I received only 3 pins. When I asked about the 2 additional pins, I was informed that it is museum policy to restrict these pins to only adults because children can place such pins into their mouths and choke on them. I tried reassuring the clerk at the front desk that these kids and too old for such concerns, but he remained firm and told me that he is not comfortable endangering the lives of innocent kids.

Not wanting to see the disappointment on my nieces faces, I searched for a way to overcome his idiotic obstructionism. The guy I was dealing with seemed to be in his early 20's and I looked around for someone else who was wiser and better capable of handling responsibility, to attempt reasoning with.  I found an intelligent appearing older woman who was sitting behind a whole bowl of these pins, showed her my receipt for 5 admission tickets and told her that I would like 2 more pins for the teen girls. Kids under 12 qualify for the reduced fare, and my nieces are 10 and 11, respectively.  With a pleasant smile, she said that she cannot in good conscience give such pins to these girls for fear of a lawsuit, but instead offered me a family friendly paper flyer to give to them instead of a pin. I should have asked her if she feared a lawsuit based on age discrimination or perhaps one resulting from the possibility that someone might choke on this flyer, but I just shook my head in disbelief and quietly left.

NYC is has truly become a place of insane regulations taken to insane extremes. In the Summer, I cannot swim or even wet my feet at any of the public beaches because the residents of NYC are too dumb and helpless to enjoy the water without the benevolent presence of a lifeguard. At 5 PM, lifeguards go home and legions of fat park-security guards roam the beaches whistling at anyone who dares to approach the water. Any argument, even from someone dressed in rolled up pants so that he might enjoy walking in ankle deep water, will result in a call for police intervention and further threats. As someone who works during the day and can only come to the beach after 5, I am regulated to sit on the sand and stare longingly at the cooling water that lies beyond my reach.  Now in museums, teenagers cannot be trusted to wear a pin, because they might for some inexplicable reason start choking on these pins.

Here is a photo of this unforgivably super dangerous and deceptively appetizing pin.

What's next? Will there be a civil servant watching me in the bathroom stall for fear of something or other?


Please, leave us alone with these needless nanny rules and stop treating everyone as if he is some blithering idiot.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Violence in Pleasantville.

I often have unpleasant interactions with patients in NYC. It is just one of those things that you expect to happen in an urban hospital. I see alcoholics who swear and cuss at everyone close enough for their blurry eyes to make out, drug addicts who threaten to go crazy if they don't get their drugs, and people infected with AIDS and hepatitis who hurl their body fluids at the nurses to make their point. Lets not even mention the paranoid schizophrenics that stab people with their forks, but somehow I have less animosity towards them because I feel that their excuse for lack of self control is more legitimate than the others that I mentioned earlier.

This week, I had another such pleasant interaction with a young man admitted for pain. His pain has been ongoing for years and he mentioned being to more emergency rooms than he could count. I checked his past records and saw numerous normal x-rays, cat scans, and lab tests.  These same studies were repeated during this latest visit, and were once again completely normal. However, he has already gotten some morphine and wanted more of it. His behavior was classic for someone seeking drugs. 

So, I told him that he would not receive any more narcotics unless I found a justified reason to administer such medications, and he went ballistic. He tore up the room, damaged expensive medical equipment and made a few decorative changes to the nearby walls. The police arrived, he calmed down and to my surprise, no one wanted to bring up charges against him. None of the administrators, nor the hospital police thought it would be appropriate to have him arrested.  If you account for everything destroyed, it would likely be in the range of 20,000 dollars.

 sarc/ No matter, our taxes will pay for it. /sarc.

Why am I so unsettled after this encounter when I had countless similar other encounters? It became obvious to me that the idea of personal responsibility is dead in this culture. Maybe not in the rural mid-west, but certainly here in NYC and many other big cities.  We have become a nation of destroyers and we will self-destruct.  

One other item worth mentioning: The violent young man, the police, and the administrator were all black. Someone could say that race had nothing to do with the way this incident was handled, but then there is that whole George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin spectacle going on now.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Forward @(*&#^*&%!

As our nation's economy stands on the edge of the abyss, Obama gives his executive order: FORWARD!

Read more here and here.

Maybe it's time to pause and think.