Saturday, August 29, 2009

Treasonous Bastard!

Here is an article describing Ted Kennedy's attempts to conspire with Soviet KGB, in order to obtain political advantage against Reagan in 1984. His involvement in the murder of Mary Jo Kopechne should have guaranteed his incarceration, but he weaseled his way out. Afterwards, the scumbag made jokes about this affair. Because the MSM yawns at such news, this treasonous behavior has become commonplace throughout Washington. Recall Kerry's frequent trips to Gaza so that he "would not meet with Hamas"? How about the trip to Cuba by our black caucus members? Anyone recall Pelosi's adventures throughout the middle east, and what of the computer records seized from the terrorists hiding in Columbia? I respect the decision that some of my fellow bloggers took to not dirty themselves when talking about a dead man. They are good people and their actions underscore their good nature and civility. But in all honesty, "good riddance" is not adequate when describing Ted Kennedy's death. He should have been tossed out on the street for the crows to feast on. Some things are not excusable, even in death. When I remember him, the words that come to mind are: liar, coward, murderer, traitor.

Arlington should not be sullied with the corpse of this traitor.

Rot in Hell.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dead Kennedy.

I cannot bring myself to write "rest in peace", in a sentence that includes this dead senator's name. He was a murderer and a coward. His recent contribution to the Massachusetts state law was a 160 day waiting period to replace a senator. This was enacted when he feared that John Kerry would win the presidency and the Republican governor Mitt Romney, would be able to appoint a senator to take Kerry's place. How ironic that on his deathbed, Ted Kennedy pleaded to repeal that provision in the state constitution that he himself pushed into law. I guess that gives us one less Democrat in the US Senate for half a year, and it is the only good deed I could attribute to this man. August 26th is the Mary Jo Kopechne memorial day. May her family experience a moment of peace.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some old fashioned medicine.

The news these days not only inflates your blood pressure, it is maddening. Here is a pleasant diversion that is sure to soothe your heart and soul:


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Obamanism of the day, and the perils ahead.

" As the president, I take full responsibility because I am the president, even though I never created this mess. I just don't want those who created the mess to do any talking."-BHO

In the same sentence he blames others for our economic mess and claims that he takes a responsible stance. The last bit really bothers me, because this man is using the power of the executive branch of our government to order the silencing of his political opposition. This is something one would expect to see in a despotic regime like that of Chavez or North Korea, but not in the United States. Is this not illegal? Is this not a betrayal of our most basic rights, such as the freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly? The White House has now established an agency whose sole reason for existence is to turn Americans into political informants. Are these not grounds for impeachment?

If only there still existed a system of checks and balances within the American government. If only enough elected officials still possessed a back bone. Oh well, their days are numbered anyway, considering all the unelected czars now being appointed to oversee every aspect of our life. Their spinelessness has led to their irrelevance.

The road ahead will be treacherous. Some of your embittered coworkers, who feel that their mediocre accomplishments in life are the fault of someone else, will seek to move up through the denouncement of those around them. Everyone who has a job that they like, who has children, who goes to school, or has a sick relative, has something to lose when this fight turns dirty. While I am inspired by the people I have met during TEA rallies and my fellow bloggers, I must remember that this is a very dangerous time.

Interestingly the vocalized fears of the radical left offer a realistic road to our national recovery. Pelosi claims that the protesters at Town Hall meetings and at TEA rallies are organized and funded by the industry. Everyone who ever attended such meetings realize how ridiculous these claims are. Pictures posted over the internet demonstrate that these are ordinary folks using their own precious time to voice their concerns. Their signs are not printed in bulk, unlike those hoisted by the left infiltrators and paid democrat political operatives. However, this is what they fear- imagine what we might accomplish if we do become an organized group. A national leader is desperately needed. Maybe it will be Palin, or maybe it will be someone else. Once this leader steps forward and the American citizens will rally together, these statists are finished.

Hurdles to overcome:
1. State run media disseminating lies.
2. Corrupt government officials using thugs to bully businessmen.
3. Criminal gangs trying to prevent citizens from voting, and trying to stuff ballot boxes with fake entries.

1. Internet blogs, free talk radio, TEA rallies.
2. Expose the criminal politicians and watch them run away from public life.
3. Voter verification, prosecute Acorn and other gangters, exercise state rights.

We have a long road to 2010. If the above doesn't bring about a peaceful resolution, then it is my fear that more violent solutions will come into play.