Saturday, August 29, 2009

Treasonous Bastard!

Here is an article describing Ted Kennedy's attempts to conspire with Soviet KGB, in order to obtain political advantage against Reagan in 1984. His involvement in the murder of Mary Jo Kopechne should have guaranteed his incarceration, but he weaseled his way out. Afterwards, the scumbag made jokes about this affair. Because the MSM yawns at such news, this treasonous behavior has become commonplace throughout Washington. Recall Kerry's frequent trips to Gaza so that he "would not meet with Hamas"? How about the trip to Cuba by our black caucus members? Anyone recall Pelosi's adventures throughout the middle east, and what of the computer records seized from the terrorists hiding in Columbia? I respect the decision that some of my fellow bloggers took to not dirty themselves when talking about a dead man. They are good people and their actions underscore their good nature and civility. But in all honesty, "good riddance" is not adequate when describing Ted Kennedy's death. He should have been tossed out on the street for the crows to feast on. Some things are not excusable, even in death. When I remember him, the words that come to mind are: liar, coward, murderer, traitor.

Arlington should not be sullied with the corpse of this traitor.

Rot in Hell.


Rose said...

Yep. I am with you on this.

He left the scene, did not summon help, walked past occupied houses, houses with phones who could have called for help, he went back to the party, created an alibi for himself, and waiting until the next morning to 'hear' the news.

In the meantime, Mary Jo Kopechne struggled to breathe in a decreasing air pocket. Some estimate she lived as long as two hours.

His career was more important to him and his family than this girl's life. Even up until the day he died.

Then the Huffington Post blogger(s) postulate that Mary Jo might conclude that her death was "worth it."

To them, besides pointing out how obscene it is that they could even think such a thing - I'd ask, who knows? Maybe, had she lived, she would have been the first female President. Maybe her career would have been more valuable than his. We'll never know. Will we?

Joan of Argghh! said...

I still think he had help in dumping the car into the water with a sleeping/unconscious MJK inside.

And this new revelation just makes me feel much better about postulating that Teddy was a murderer.

The Right was cowed into silence for these many years since MJK's death. Only Rush dared to mock "The Swimmer" and that, more than any other thing, earned him the wrath of the Left.