Saturday, September 5, 2009

A welcome to the class of 2009.

I recall the tale of another community organizer who first took care of the rats, and later wanted to converse with the town's children.

The Democrats are drowning, as the policies of Obama's administration become better known and the backgrounds of his associates are exposed.

Why so serious?


Rose said...

Yeah. This President, who has turned ev ery aspect of the presidency into a campaign tool is now extending his outreach into the schools. Not unexpected given the "Hitler Youth" praises sung to Dear Leader during the Campaign. Not unexpected given his declared intent to create a Universal Voluntary Public Service corps, requiring 50 hours of "volunteer" service from grade schoolers, and 100 hours from high schoolers. Not unexpected. But not welcome.

And it is not, as his defenders now chide, just Obama saying study hard and stay in school - his perpetual campaign staff has included lesson plans for teachers to follow "Why should we listen to important people like Obama?" "What is the President asking me to do?" "How can I help Obama?"

And the very fact that he has had to REWRITE this propaganda piece is testament to the truth in what those of us who question have to say.

The dilemma we now face is, keep the kids home or not?

Ex-Dissident said...

I don't think he should be speaking to the very young. It's not right to try to influence the parents vote through exploiting their children. However, college students are fair game-they are old enough to vote.

Rose said...

A normal, televised address would have been fine. Word came down on this 'won' as a mandatory address, and it was accompanied by lesson plans that reek to the heavens.

Questions like "Why should I listen to important people like the President? What is the President saying to me, What is the President asking me to do?" - imagine the screams if Bush had done something similar.

Luckily this buffoon is overreaching - the kids will find him boring and they will scoff at this notion that they have to listen to someone "Important" like the President. (Clinton insured that, LOL)