Thursday, October 31, 2013


I saw the word FRAUD used to describe Obamacare on an article at American Thinker today. Then I thought to myself, this term can be used to describe just about everything about Obama and his administration.  His books are examples of fraud, stories about his college years, both elections, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting of political enemies,....  official reports are all fraudulent.

Obama is a fraud.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


I was looking at the selection of movies on Netflix today and started thinking how there are thousands of really crappy movies on this site. Then I decided to just google a list of recent movies by year and made a very odd observation. While I there were many movies I thought enjoyable during 2006 and 2007, starting in 2008 the movies lists are almost entirely populated by rot, crap, and mindless drivel. There may be a few exceptions that are worth watching during the last 5 years, but mostly these are foreign movies. Starting with 2008, I challenge you to find more than 3 decent movies made in any one year.


Has all of Hollywood's creative talent been focused on electing and keeping the clown in the White House from self destruction? Are they all stung out on dope?

It's weird.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Obamacare Gateway That Actually Works!

Follow the link. The sign up is actually a very pleasant experience and guaranteed to lighten your day.  Just click on the green APPLY NOW button.

H/T Bookworm.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Perhaps wishful thinking, perhaps not.

Everywhere I hear talk about how the dollar will soon collapse because the Chinese and the Russians want to replace it as the world's reserve currency. We seem to be over our heads in debt and our manufacturing sector has been Obamafied.

What does the US still have? We have more oil in shale than the whole Middle East, we have tons of natural gas, and enough fertile land to feed the world. A billion Chinese have to eat something, and we can provide them with food. If only we could unleash all this potential.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Where Conservatives Failed.

The conservative strategy during the recent government shutdown was to appeal to human decency.  We thought that if people were well informed, they would reach the same conclusions about government waste, obamacare, and assault on liberty as us, since these were reasonable conclusions.

1. The popular media moved against us by keeping the general population misinformed. This media, is in actuality, a government propaganda organ. The purpose of propaganda is to confuse and obfuscate, so no one should be surprised.  A better effort to circumvent the obfuscating MSM was needed.

2. Those conservatives in government lost because they employed a faulty strategy. They appealed to the decency of their government counterparts, and they do not possess this quality. They could care less about the hurt these programs bring to Americans and their families. We can only bargain with them if we possess something they need and desire. Our values are not shared by them, and they do not care how they appear to us.

A different strategy is needed.

Monday, October 14, 2013

EBT Morality: Walmart looting - a microcosm of the Obama administration.

During this weekend a computer glitch caused EBT (used to be known as food stamps) cards to malfunction. It appears that the specific error plaguing these cards, was the inability to show their current spending limit and thus the store owners didn't know how much a particular card user could buy on that card.

For unknown reasons, a Walmart in Louisiana decided to let people go ahead and use these unreadable EBT cards anyway. So, people called each other and it seems that everyone in the vicinity of this store, and in possession such cards came running; they wheeled out hundreds of dollars worth of food, over and over again. In only several hours, the store shelves were emptied. When a loudspeaker announced that EBT cards once again displayed the appropriate spending limit, people abandoned their filled carts in the isles and went home. One shopper was caught trying to buy 700 dollars worth of groceries, and when her card was read she only had 49 cents remaining on her balance. The store decided not to have her charged with theft and let her out, on the promise she left the groceries behind.

From the photo, it seems that she was not alone in using a spent EBT card during this opportune time to get "free food". It is also obvious from this scene, that many people using these cards are in fact, thieves. Maybe the same thing can be generally said of the entire social welfare scheme: they are all thieves.

Now, ponder for a moment the federal spending limit, government shutdown, and looting on a much grander scale...

Read more at American Thinker.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Seems like madness to shutdown open air monuments, cemeteries without gates, obstruct roads that pass by Mount Rushmore, and now close access to the ocean. The provocation involving war memorials serves only to anger and humiliate our veterans, as well as those who come to pay their respect to the dead.  Obstructing open road is done primarily to frustrate drivers, and denying access to open ocean serves to hurt those whose lives and livelihoods depend on fishing.

These are disgusting acts that appear to stem from petty and vindictive men, and Obama's history in office prove him as such sort. But what should be said of all those who follow this mad tyrant's orders?  What does one say of the park ranger who confesses “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”, and yet still follows orders.  What do you say to a police officer that removes Vietnam veterans paying their respect to fallen brothers, from the Memorial Wall through threat of arrest?

Some of our community speak of the fact that it takes far more money to enforce such "closings" than to continue allowing access to open air places.  From the perspective of anyone who sees a government shutdown tied to our fiscal troubles, such actions appear to be the result of madness. This administration has no concern over fiscal sanity or responsible approach to spending our tax money. It has gone to war with Congress over our constitutional provision that Congress has control over the purse-strings.  Can anyone recall a single act from this administration whose purpose was to limit spending?

These are provocations that serve to piss into the face of those branded as the enemies of this administration. They may be an attempt to draw some Americans into acts of violence, so that they can move against us with acts of further violence. Another purpose is to test us just how much insult we are willing to bear. 

The administration's plan is foolish, and my opinion is shared by those who work for the MSM. If you try to find reports of these abusive closings discussed on main stream news outlets, you will find little mentioned.  They realize that such discussions would anger all descent Americans. Andrew Breitbart was good forcing such reporting onto these organs of state propaganda, and now it is up to us all to continue his work.  However, we must also recognize that violent confrontation with Americans on our soil,  is what this administration is craving. We must prepare wisely.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Do we really need so much government?

Watch this gem from a saner time.

And stay shut!

How to survive the government shutdown.

As some of you may know, all or most national monuments must be shut down during this unprecedented, catastrophic, government shutdown. One may ask how this is shutdown different from 17 other recent shutdowns in 1976, 77, 78, 79, 81, 82, 83, 84, 86, 87, 90, and 95?
This one is different because the White House said so! There!

You must believe that all national monuments can no longer function as open air, free standing structures. When passing by the Black Hills, avert your eyes because you cannot look at the carved mountain. If you happen to be in DC, you cannot see Lincoln's statue because during this shutdown it the Lincoln statue is no longer there. (This may actually be true as it may have been sold to China and will soon be demolished for scrap marble.) Just avert your eyes people! Some sides of the street will no longer be passable due to erected barricades, because it is too costly to allow people to pass on the side of the street near the WW2 memorial. You know those old vets might damage the asphalt with their wheelchairs, and then we won't be able to sell it for scrap to China, Russia, and Iran.

If this doesn't get the message across, the sun will soon be off limits to the American public. It is no longer there. Just avert your eyes.

In short, close your eyes, cover your ears, and stay inside your place of residence. As soon as the government opens, they'll come to fetch you. Rejoice, because shovel ready jobs are just on the other side of this shutdown.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is Atlas Shrugging?

Over the past 5 years, I have seen the administration of my place of work transform itself into a mass of petty thieves and imbeciles glued to their "smart"phones. My hospital used to make money,  but now every new patient means more money will be lost. Nearby hospitals closed because they went bankrupt. The state and federal governments enact laws which are revoked almost immediately as they conflict with reality. However, while these laws cannot be applied to those within our government, they are stubbornly glued to the rest of us. Where have all the responsible people who are mindful of the reality around them gone?

In my own tiny world, I have stopped myself from pursuing multiple business ventures, because I just don't feel like doing anything that requires a real time commitment in this screwed up environment. The thoughts still linger in my brain, but I don't want to share them with a group of conniving thieves and braying jackasses. And so I sit on these thoughts, waiting for something.

How many others are there like me? Probably thousands, if not millions.  What's going on in medical industry is also happening in the entertainment industry: just about every movie made over the last 5 years is simply idiotic. These are, or were, the only real industries left in this country.

I will focus the remaining discussion only on the technology sector.  Sure, someone using foreign labor and foreign tech laboratories can still  make an improved portable computer, but there was a time when last year's hardware was so far outdated, that it was promptly turned off and never used again. The laptop I am using now is 4 years old, and it functions no worse than anything rolling off the shelves this year. A desktop I put together 7 years ago, still performs better, responds faster, and remains more reliable than 1,200 dollar, 2013 computers from major brands like Dell and HP. I paid about 1,000 dollars for the components used to build it, in 2006. There is no justifiable reason for me to upgrade.  What have the engineers at NASA done lately? Maybe they are building Qassam rockets for Arabs now?

Lets face it folks, we've fallen into a deep dark pit and all our politicians can think of is digging.  Here is further proof that I am not alone in this rot.