Monday, October 14, 2013

EBT Morality: Walmart looting - a microcosm of the Obama administration.

During this weekend a computer glitch caused EBT (used to be known as food stamps) cards to malfunction. It appears that the specific error plaguing these cards, was the inability to show their current spending limit and thus the store owners didn't know how much a particular card user could buy on that card.

For unknown reasons, a Walmart in Louisiana decided to let people go ahead and use these unreadable EBT cards anyway. So, people called each other and it seems that everyone in the vicinity of this store, and in possession such cards came running; they wheeled out hundreds of dollars worth of food, over and over again. In only several hours, the store shelves were emptied. When a loudspeaker announced that EBT cards once again displayed the appropriate spending limit, people abandoned their filled carts in the isles and went home. One shopper was caught trying to buy 700 dollars worth of groceries, and when her card was read she only had 49 cents remaining on her balance. The store decided not to have her charged with theft and let her out, on the promise she left the groceries behind.

From the photo, it seems that she was not alone in using a spent EBT card during this opportune time to get "free food". It is also obvious from this scene, that many people using these cards are in fact, thieves. Maybe the same thing can be generally said of the entire social welfare scheme: they are all thieves.

Now, ponder for a moment the federal spending limit, government shutdown, and looting on a much grander scale...

Read more at American Thinker.

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