Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Dark Side Of Our Democratic Party. (updated)

I just finished reading an essay written by Dymphna from the Gates of Vienna. She describes Tom Perriello, a Democrat who was elected to Congress in her local Virginia district, and it is shocking to find out just how soundly asleep we all were. This masked congressman, is no moderate. In retrospect, his campaign and everything since can only be described as a massive fraud perpetrated on the voters by Soros Inc. Perriello appears on the scene as a seemingly innocuous politician riding on Obama's coattails. Dymphna described his appearance as resembling an altar boy. Back then, many of us thought wishfully: maybe it won't be so terrible, we can survive 4 years of their childish fancies, and that we can restore what was lost after the next election. During November of 2008, there were so many others like him. We were deceived and they have been busy. Please read this illuminating post. Ultimately it is about preserving our hard won freedoms or returning to serfdom.

Perriello, presenting himself as a moderate Democrat, was asked if there was anything the Congress had done or attempted to do in the last 4 years that went beyond the limits on governmental power imposed by our constitution. He could think of nothing. Not the imposition of health insurance purchasing, not "cap and trade" or other attempts to take over industry after industry, not even the subversion of voter protection through "card-check". There is no line that these progressives will not cross. Who was a moderate fascist during the last century and what was ultimately required to moderate them? That's where we are moving.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beslan, 6 years later.

I remain speechless when I think of what was done to the children of Beslan. There should be no place among human beings for sheltering this kind of evil. Yet those....I cannot even come up with the right words to describe the terrorists and Muslim mercenaries who raped and terrorized tiny children in a crowded school gym....They had somewhere to run to; they had a whole community to welcome them.

Furthermore, this act of incomprehensible barbarity aimed at tiny children was not some isolated incident.

There should be no place amongst us, for them.