Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beslan, 6 years later.

I remain speechless when I think of what was done to the children of Beslan. There should be no place among human beings for sheltering this kind of evil. Yet those....I cannot even come up with the right words to describe the terrorists and Muslim mercenaries who raped and terrorized tiny children in a crowded school gym....They had somewhere to run to; they had a whole community to welcome them.

Furthermore, this act of incomprehensible barbarity aimed at tiny children was not some isolated incident.

There should be no place amongst us, for them.

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trencherbone said...

The mainstream media were very reluctant to report the Beslan child-rapes and tortures. They also went to great lengths to conceal the Muslim identities of the terrorists, and the Islamic theology and sexual supremacist psychology that justified and motivated the sadistic aspects of this atrocity.

This cover-up is all the more worrying as the Jihadists are almost certainly planning similar attacks on American schools: