Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Approaching Collapse.

Earlier today while visiting a friend, I made a comment about us being just a small step away from lawless chaos. The other visitors there, said they agreed with me but also thought it important to not become one of the crazies who scream "REPENT" and carry signs such as "The End is Near" (see comments by Rick).

I am sure that many of us who frequent each others' conservative blogs, share these uncomfortable thoughts. The protests in Madison documented by Ann Althouse, showed us multiple disturbing truths about our current state of the union:

1. Government officials will abandon their duties with little reservation.

2. Police will abandon their responsibilities if that act might benefit them financially. It's not a very long walk from refusing to protect the state capitol from trespassers and sending local private companies extortion threats, to simply robbing you in the middle of the street because they can get away with it. Who are you going to complain to? MSM?

3. The Justice system is in some instances so inept, that they've abandoned the rule of law and have now moved towards the rule of men.

As disturbing as the images of monument desecration by careless and often clueless students and the intimidation of GOP representatives by angry mobs were, a few lines remained that we had not yet crossed. There was still a feeling that we managed to hold on to some civility in our society and although the atmosphere has become much more unstable, businesses could still continue to function. We haven't yet become Greece.

We Americans may not have, but the British have.

See images from a 500,000 strong "anti-capitalist" and "anti-cuts" march through London.

They threw ammonia filled bulbs and fired missiles at the police. A leftist politician glorified these rioters by likening them to anti-apartheid protesters.

Some more, comforting thoughts:

We, in the U.S., are not that far behind.

The Obama, Clinton, and Reid express will get us there faster. I wonder what roles Pelosi and Biden will play on this train.

You can read the entire article associated with above photos at DailyMail.

H/T Althouse.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a dangerous business, heading out the door. You never know where the road will take you.

Today I got home and started browsing through my favorite blogs. A recent post at Primordial Slack led to a very disturbing article at American Digest. That article is must read, so I hope whoever wanders onto my page takes this advice and reads the linked article.

After I finished reading about the hidden malice of Obama, I decided to explore American Digest further and clicked on its homepage button. There, on the sidebar, was a linked video described as "Average American woman caught in the act of just being herself" and it showed a crazy scene where a Burger King customer jumps over the counter and starts destroying the place while people nearby laugh and cheer.

It's a sobering thought that these are our neighbors and they vote. Commentary near that video link said that there is now a whole YouTube genre of such acts and I decided to explore that link further. It led me to the below video.

In it, a dumb white kid who dresses like he's from the hood, jumps up and down excitedly anticipating a fight. He gets in between 2 people who are both ready to bash his head in. That's exactly what happens, and eventually he barely staggers out of Taco Bell. I hope that his friends took him to a hospital because he appeared to be in serious need of a head CT.

You should watch the fight in this video several times. It is very instructive and personifies the average American's current ability to defend himself.

Look at how the two people who beat him senseless, move. They don't jump up and down like clueless braggarts. Instead they keep their balance and distance, waiting for him to make a mistake. Then the dumb kid's friends jump in to save him as he is getting his head kicked. Fortunately the friends appear to have slightly more fighting experience than that kid, so they aren't beaten unconscious. Unfortunately, the fight is quickly knocked out of them and they flee, leaving him on the floor defenseless as he receives another kick to the head. He tries to stand up but as soon as he sees his assailant, he sits back down and assumes the submissive posture. One of his friends jumps back into the scene, only to fall down and assume a similar submissive posture.

There are many loud fools among us and being who they are, endanger themselves as well as their companions. In the coming unrest, it will be wise to avoid such associations. It is also wise to shape up, so as to not wind up on the floor waiting helplessly for another kick to your head.

P.S. - Of course the title for this post is an inexact quote of Bilbo Baggins. There is wisdom to be found everywhere as long as you stay alert.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Heartbreaking: Japan's Nuclear Emergency.

Japan declared a state of emergency as 5 nuclear reactors in 2 power plants experienced compromised cooling capacity and rising pressures. Radiation levels inside the control room of unit number 1 (oldest of these reactors), reached 1ooo times normal while levels outside the plant increased to 8 times normal. The government has authorized release of radioactive vapor to prevent a full scale meltdown. Some 20,000 people will need to be evacuated from a 20 km area. Electricity supply will be severely curtailed.


Q: Are politics inherently vile or is it more that "Liberals" turn everything they touch into a stinking pile of trash?

H/T Ann Althouse.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WTF Politics and the NPR.

I just read this post on Atlas Shrugs. Just speechless. NPR executives trying to obtain funds from the Muslim Brotherhood. People can rationalize the firing of Juan Williams, but there is no need for such debate. The real reason becomes very plain when senior NPR executive starts his rant during which he smears Christians, Jews, TEA party, and conservative Americans. He calls us stupid, he calls us racists. This is while he is eating and chatting with people who introduce themselves as the representatives of a fucking Mohamedean terrorist front group.

I do not dispute the 1st amendment right of anyone to spew forth any idiocy he wants. However, let the NPR fund their disgusting propaganda without my money. De-fund these cretins.


International Working Women's Day.

After leaving the Soviet Union, I have largely forgotten about this obscure day. I now recall this being a day for rallies during which women would parade through the street carrying red banners and proclaiming the virtues of the Communist revolution. Today's Google main page revives this strange holiday. No doubt socialism is alive and well inside the search engine's administration. Frigging Marxists.

Why do so many American corporations promote Socialism? Do they really dream of a society made up of masters and slaves?

Please read more about this at this Wikipedia entry.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why GEICO is Doomed.

Were these two simpletons on their way to audition to be new GEICO cavemen, or are they jihadis? I always thought that the simple gay-ve-men commercials were dumb marketing.

Looking at how much these Jersey jihadi-wanna-bees resemble those cavemen, those old commercials will really hurt GEICO.

Does anyone recall the AYDS diet?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Traffic Violations Bureau.

Lets say you drive down a freeway and get stopped for a moving violation. The police officer tells you that you changed lane without signaling and you were moving much faster than your speedometer shows. You're told if you disagree with this ticket, you can contest it in court.

You wait for your court date and leave work early, reserving an hour for what should be a 15 minute drive. Unfortunately you cannot drive on this New York freeway faster than 10 miles per hour because the roads have become so dilapidated that there are more pot holes than there is left over asphalt. The court house has no parking and you spend half of an hour looking for parking on the street. Incidentally, most New Yorkers think it is a blessing to find parking in so little as a half hour.

Arriving inside the building, you wait one hour while the information clerk takes down your name and assigns you a number so that you may appear before a judge. The officer who issued this ticket no longer has to be present in the court. Why should he have to prove his side? Instead you are greeted by a lawyer who offers you a deal: Pay the fine and I will drop the points. Points in NY mean that your car insurance price will suddenly jump to be several thousand dollars more expensive. You might feel that was an false charge against you and that this whole ordeal is terribly unfair, but if you still want to contest your guilt, you must return for another court date.

At this point most reasonable people will simply pay the fine. You graciously accept a verdict of having to pay 150 dollars and head to the payment clerk. That just happens to be the longest line you've endured thus far because there is only one person available to accept these payments and she has a bladder problem necessitating her to leave for a bathroom break every 2 minutes. In the end you're just happy to get out alive vowing never to return to this awful torture chamber.

That was the whole point. You are not supposed to contest. Just fork over your money no matter how unfair the charge. Have you learned your lesson yet?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have been meaning to write about the college kids, perhaps a more accurate description would be human shields, demonstrating in Madison, Wisconsin. They display ignorance and arrogance. They are the sad products of a school system that taught them very little and prepared them for a life of servitude.

Please read his post.

Where are the adults? Are they asleep in some opium den? Most will never awaken.