Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's a dangerous business, heading out the door. You never know where the road will take you.

Today I got home and started browsing through my favorite blogs. A recent post at Primordial Slack led to a very disturbing article at American Digest. That article is must read, so I hope whoever wanders onto my page takes this advice and reads the linked article.

After I finished reading about the hidden malice of Obama, I decided to explore American Digest further and clicked on its homepage button. There, on the sidebar, was a linked video described as "Average American woman caught in the act of just being herself" and it showed a crazy scene where a Burger King customer jumps over the counter and starts destroying the place while people nearby laugh and cheer.

It's a sobering thought that these are our neighbors and they vote. Commentary near that video link said that there is now a whole YouTube genre of such acts and I decided to explore that link further. It led me to the below video.

In it, a dumb white kid who dresses like he's from the hood, jumps up and down excitedly anticipating a fight. He gets in between 2 people who are both ready to bash his head in. That's exactly what happens, and eventually he barely staggers out of Taco Bell. I hope that his friends took him to a hospital because he appeared to be in serious need of a head CT.

You should watch the fight in this video several times. It is very instructive and personifies the average American's current ability to defend himself.

Look at how the two people who beat him senseless, move. They don't jump up and down like clueless braggarts. Instead they keep their balance and distance, waiting for him to make a mistake. Then the dumb kid's friends jump in to save him as he is getting his head kicked. Fortunately the friends appear to have slightly more fighting experience than that kid, so they aren't beaten unconscious. Unfortunately, the fight is quickly knocked out of them and they flee, leaving him on the floor defenseless as he receives another kick to the head. He tries to stand up but as soon as he sees his assailant, he sits back down and assumes the submissive posture. One of his friends jumps back into the scene, only to fall down and assume a similar submissive posture.

There are many loud fools among us and being who they are, endanger themselves as well as their companions. In the coming unrest, it will be wise to avoid such associations. It is also wise to shape up, so as to not wind up on the floor waiting helplessly for another kick to your head.

P.S. - Of course the title for this post is an inexact quote of Bilbo Baggins. There is wisdom to be found everywhere as long as you stay alert.

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Rose said...

It's amazing how fast it all happens. And how little anyone does to stop it.