Saturday, April 16, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Part 1.

The movie came out and I just couldn't wait to see it; so now I understand why Chris Muir called it a Rorschach test. Here are my observations.

Granted I chose a time during which one wouldn't expect to see large crowds, but I counted about 10-12 people in the small theater watching it with me. This was also the only theater in the borough of Queens that was playing the movie. No wonder it has such a limited screening nationwide.

I was also the youngest person in that theater so this idea that Rand fans should use this movie as a way to meet with the opposite sex is seriously flawed. Unless of course you happen to be in your late 60's and all alone.

Pam Geller wrote that this movie will get people talking about our current financial crisis and that will be a great accomplishment. After seeing the flick, I really don't see that happening. The acting sucked and unless you've read the book recently, it would be very difficult to follow the script. People not familiar with the book, will likely walk out and the fans will endure this 90 minute soap opera but will find little good to say about it.

It wasn't just the low budget and the rotten screenplay. I've already mentioned it, but the acting really sucked. The only descent actress thus far was the one playing Lillian Rearden. There were 2 descent actors also: one played Wesley Mouch and the guy who played Ellis Wyatt; both of them were older actors playing very small roles. The young actors in this movie were very, very forgettable.

Oh well. The book remains fantastic.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wiscon's Supreme Court Election: Details Point to Liberal Voter Fraud

Today morning, I watched Wisconsin's supreme court election results. At 8 am Eastern time, the poll counts were favoring the conservative leaning David Prosser by roughly 900 votes. In a very short time, the union bought and otherwise unknown, Joanne Kloppenburg was leading by over 300 votes. The liberal challenger's campaign employed slander and lies, and this fact alone should have destroyed her candidacy. But many people voting these days don't think objectively about their choices; too often they simply follow their marching orders given to them by union bosses, school "advisers", and other propaganda outlets.

I checked the message board at HotAir and read the lamentations of the people posting on that thread. The election results are so close, that a recount seems certain. Before moving onto another news item, I decided to hit the reload button on the web page displaying election results. The 300+ difference in Kloppenburg's favor was listed at approximately 10:30 AM Eastern time. At 11 AM her lead had grown to 447; this rate of count growth seems appropriate considering the short amount of time during which Kloppenburg caught up and passed her opponent, Prosser. It seemed almost predictable. Since it took 3 hours to generate 1200 more votes for Kloppenberg, that is roughly 400 votes in her favor per hour, or 200 votes per half hour. What I didn't expect was the observation of Prosser's exact count numbers. At 10: 45 AM his number of votes was 738,500+, and at 11 AM his exact count was still 738,500+. On the other hand Kloppenburg's count had suddenly increased from 738,800+ to 739,000+. Like I said, predicted rate of gain 200 votes in that half hour.

After 11 AM Eastern time, I observed another curious tally: Kloppenburg's rate of gain ceased. It is as if there was a 3 hour period during which counties that overwhelmingly supported this candidate showed intense activity, and then having achieved their objective, rested. Was this a coordinated effort?
Is it statistically possible that these late districts are overwhelmingly opposed to the incumbent judge? It is possible, but given the above details, it is more probable that several bags of Kloppenburg's ballots were dumped at the voting station. What exactly were these overwhelmingly liberal districts waiting for, in order to complete their counting?

After that brief moment of irregularity, the remainder of the voting tallies were no longer statistically exciting. In fact, among the remaining ballots Prosser once again showed his small lead.
Is there more pointing to voter fraud, than my analysis of a short lived statistical aberration? My evidence is pretty weak and circumstantial. The answer is: YES!
These were direct observations made at several of these late reporting voting stations.

Now we look at today, with the I Stand With Walker Facebook page reporting firsthand fraud:

I Stand with Scott Walker
BREAKING VOTER FRAUD: Poll workers conducting registration on election day, voting, then registering again to vote. High school students registering other high school students under 18. When complained, the poll worker said mind your own business.

Further evidence of fraud, voter intimidation and destruction of ballots.

And there is evidence of voter intimidation as well.

Village of Grafton Police were called to the Grafton Town Hall because election officials were concerned that protesters were too close to the polling place and were not following the rules established by Wisconsin's Election Authority or Government Accountability Board (GAB). Two witnesses confirmed that a Police Officer who reported to address the incident apparently refused to deal with the protesters initially. Jessica Schmidt, Grafton Town Clerk, and another witness heard the officer say, "I used to be a conservative but I’m not anymore." Apparently, this behavior was a result of the recent debate over union rights that has consumed Wisconsin. The officer then walked outside and without addressing the issues presented by the protesters and refused to do his job, allowing the intimidation to continue. The officer’s behavior was apparently upsetting enough that an elderly poll worker was shaking immediately following the incident and needed to be calmed down by a nurse that was present at the polling place.

Even worse.


Evidence of destroyed ballots.

For the full story of the election abuses noted above, see Pundit Press.

Also, on Media Trackers, there is reported evidence of union tied cab companies trying to interfere in elections by offering rides to people that vote for Kloppenburg.

Is this where the progressives have taken our country? Our elections have become nothing but lies, intimidation by thugs, and a spectacle of corruption.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Burn Them All.

Today I watched a video of an American general condemn, in the strongest possible terms, a pastor from Florida for this pastor's recent demonstration of free speech. He burned a book. For some the Koran is holy wisdom, for others it is something evil.

I understand that this general has the responsibility to protect his soldiers from harm. I do not understand his abandonment of the oath he swore to protect the constitution and the people of this nation. Just imagine how many of our soldiers would have been saved if every officer captured by enemy forces would make speeches denouncing fellow Americans and American values.......Not many.

Does general Petraeus now believe that it has become his goal to oversee our surrender? To submit our nation to foreign psychopathy and social pathology?

Below is an image of an Iranian burning the Koran in protest, reposted from the Jawa report.

Keep burning them until these psychopathic bastards get used to this idea. And if they don't learn how to behave like civilized human beings, burn them all.