Saturday, April 16, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Part 1.

The movie came out and I just couldn't wait to see it; so now I understand why Chris Muir called it a Rorschach test. Here are my observations.

Granted I chose a time during which one wouldn't expect to see large crowds, but I counted about 10-12 people in the small theater watching it with me. This was also the only theater in the borough of Queens that was playing the movie. No wonder it has such a limited screening nationwide.

I was also the youngest person in that theater so this idea that Rand fans should use this movie as a way to meet with the opposite sex is seriously flawed. Unless of course you happen to be in your late 60's and all alone.

Pam Geller wrote that this movie will get people talking about our current financial crisis and that will be a great accomplishment. After seeing the flick, I really don't see that happening. The acting sucked and unless you've read the book recently, it would be very difficult to follow the script. People not familiar with the book, will likely walk out and the fans will endure this 90 minute soap opera but will find little good to say about it.

It wasn't just the low budget and the rotten screenplay. I've already mentioned it, but the acting really sucked. The only descent actress thus far was the one playing Lillian Rearden. There were 2 descent actors also: one played Wesley Mouch and the guy who played Ellis Wyatt; both of them were older actors playing very small roles. The young actors in this movie were very, very forgettable.

Oh well. The book remains fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning. I don't think "declarational" books are easy to translate into movies.
I suspected something similar to this result; oh well, I'll go see something else.

Ex-Dissident said...

My ideal actress for the role of Dagny would be Bette Davis, but her time has long passed. Maybe one day they will make a worthy tribute to the book.