Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Of Shithole Countries and Shithole Counties.

I had the privilege to live in various parts of the world. When I was young, I lived in Italy - the part I experienced as an immigrant was definitely a shithole. I recall watching kids climb all over a large garbage dump looking for things, as my train emerged from a tunnel under the Alps and entered Italy. I remember packs of wild dogs roaming the streets of a small town where we waited for our entry visas to the U.S. At one point I got into a fight with some local kids who viewed me as a traitor to communism. If Italy was not such a shithole then, there would not have been so many immigrants from Italy coming to America. The Soviet Union republic I left, was also a shithole. Modern apartment buildings had proper toilets but just outside of my building, there was an outhouse with a - you know what. I bet it is still there. Many of the older private homes had no plumbing and some had to carry water into their homes from a street hydrant.

Living in New York, I can say with confidence that much of Queens county, as well as Kings (Brooklyn), are shitholes. Things were worse before Giuliani, but they still retain their shithole status. Most of Manhattan is nice -  if you can afford to live there.  South Bronx is and will likely forever remain a shithole. Parts of rural US are also shitholes. People there are rightly depressed, on drugs, and unemployable.

I have no problem with people from shitholes outside of U.S., moving to shitholes within the U.S. My only request is that they pay for their own shitholes. In other words, they should not be moving here to make use of our shitholes without paying their way and for the use of facilities. Nor do I want to spend my own money to build proper facilities for them overseas.  If they try to dirty up a proper civilized lavatory, they should be punished enough to deter others from doing the same.

In an ideal world, we would only select those who can come here and build proper sanitary facilities in our underdeveloped regions. We used to do that in past: you had to show that you brought the type of skills this country required and would not become a financial burden on the people here.

To me, that is a proper policy of immigration.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Reverse Racism or Typical Racism.

For a while, I wondered why a minority group would be so vociferous in vilifying and dehumanizing people who outnumber them. Then it dawned on me: what if the people insulting whites are not the minority.

Find a white student in this typical city classroom. The whites are usually outnumbered in metropolitan public schools by over 10 to 1. This is why they are subjected to such harsh treatment. It is a typical bullying tactic of a majority against the minority. After these students leave such environments, they bring all their hatred with them. 

I have no idea how to solve this problem. Somehow the whites in rural areas were taught that racism is bad. Maybe the darker colored races can be taught the same.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Another inch closer to civil war.

We will be in full blown, hot civil war once it becomes acceptable to violently attack the other political party.
Scalise was shot and MSM heads are trying to justify this shooting.



Once enough people are convinced that shooting Republicans or Democrats is justified, then we will see a Russian style civil war in our country. There are many on the left who think they will win and they can force half this country to accept their climate change lunacy, transgender lunacy, give up caring for one's family, and all their other idiotic thoughts. They are willing to kill for it. Very dangerous times.

Friday, June 16, 2017


For years now, I have been very careful to avoid any discussion of politics at work. That is because I am surrounded by people who call themselves liberals and I realize how easy it is for them to descend into violence. I do not want my car vandalized or worse. Some of them seem very reasonable when we talk over work related issues, however people can compartmentalize  their lives with sane thoughts and actions in one area and be completely insane in others. A friend once accurately stated that you have to be pretty screwed up to vote for Hillary. Therefore, I know they are very capable of severely unhinged behavior, and it is best to try and stay away from such craziness.

I know that I am not the only one to use such tactic in hope of staying out of harm's way and yet, the call for violence has been turned way up. Calls for assassination of Trump and Americans who support him are now accepted as a new normal for the Left. Antifa attacking people on Campuses, celebrities showing off their fantasies of murdering conservatives, and so on. This is far worse than it was during Reagan and Bush years. They are really trying to start a war. They want us dead. The shooting of Republican congressmen should have been a moment of reflection for the Left and perhaps a call to tone down their incitement to violence. It wasn't. Instead, the talking heads in the MSM excused it. Only one trajectory afterwards - more violence. Keeping my mouth closed might spare me temporary ire of co-workers but I am not difficult to read. They have their suspicions about me and if given a chance, some would love to stick a knife into me to right all their perceived wrongs.

Where do we go from here? If Republicans call for compassion and forgiveness of those who call for their deaths, it will invite further and more horrific acts of violence. If they start arresting traitors like Muller, Comey, BLM scum and such, incitement for national riots will shortly follow. It remains unclear how many will heed such a call and whether it will be too many to put in jail. In Russia such insurrection was recently quickly put down.

While we engage in this idiotic self destruction, the threat from arriving Muslims grows and grows. No matter what, our lives will become more violent.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Who Peed on the Bed?

In a bizzare story regarding the dirt Russians supposedly have on Trump, some intelligence agent alleged that Trump hired Russian prostitutes to pee on a bed Obama slept in. While I don't fully understand how such information might compromise president elect I can recognize infantile behavior. The premise here is that Obama's bed was peed in and this was supposedly done by KGB agents/Russian hookers, who were at that moment following Trump's orders.

In summary, if a bed Obama slept in was found to have urine stains, the most likely culprit is Obama. How bizzare that a convoluted report generated by American "intelligence" agents would try to pass the blame for bedwetting on KGB, Russian hookers, and Trump. I am surprised that Bush somehow escaped blame for this offence. In the past every failure of Obama's was blamed on Bush. Now it is Russians and Trump.

So I say to Obama: Enough!

Next time, just bring a fluid barrier for a mattress when you check into a hotel.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Economic Terrorist.

A recent post at WND delves into the current effort to take down Breitbart. 

The names associated with the cloaked user known as "Sleeping Giants" are closely linked with Obama. I don't know if this is a new role for Obama to damage American economy or if these are his associates following orders from Soros. I don't think this is initiated by Clintons because they were mostly about selling influence rather than disrupting economy. This has the flavor of a true radicalized commie; seems to fit into Obama style disruption well. Saving this country will not be easy with so many embedded enemies.

Too bad about 3M - I use their products often. Kellogg is easy to avoid as their cereals would only make it to the table if I went out of my way to buy them. Still, this list is an attack on Trump and this country: it really is an act of war.

Boycotting all these companies will hurt numerous Americans and that path seems wrong to me. The CEO's won't care as much as the factory worker about these companies failing. To fight back effectively, we need to out the real enemies here and make it personal. Let the CEO's explain themselves to the factory workers they will be laying off, because they were bullied into declaring 1/2 of this country as unworthy of their medications, office products, and cereal. Cut the stings on their parachutes and perhaps some will come to their senses. There should be a provision in the contract about directly sabotaging the companies they represent.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Trump.

It's over. Pennsylvania is reporting 99%, with Trump 59,000 votes ahead. Each percentage point represents 58,000 votes.
He will also very likely take Michigan, Arizona, Alaska, and overall pick up more than 300 electoral votes.

As I said a short time ago, a lot of work lies ahead.
While I sincerely hope to see Hillary and Bill in jail, along with the rest of their rotten group - Lynch and Comey should fit right in, Obama is still dangerous and likely looking to create more damage on his way out. Need to prevent this damage. Jail later.

Good night.