Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Small victory.

On the blogs that I read, many are expressing relief and some glimmer of joy today. Despite poll predictions, Cruz won in Iowa. I also experienced some satisfaction after seeing the results. That is because I would not mind voting for Cruz in a general election, and there are others I wouldn't mind voting for such as Carson. However, I would find it very difficult to vote for Trump.

Furthermore, I think McCain was pushed on us because he was essentially unelectable, and I also feel that there is a push from democrat-socialists to select Trump for the Republican ticket. A lot of money is being used to throw the election in that direction, and Trump is a lot weaker than the image of success that is being presented.  In the coming weeks, attacks on Trump will dissipate and attacks on electable Republicans will escalate. 

Overall, I think that Carson would the most difficult man for Democrats to defeat. I would like to see a Cruz/Carson ticket emerge. Rubio I have trust issues with. I think he is a big government man and I think he will act just like Paul Ryan and aid Democrats in their destruction of this country. Trump will sell out to our enemies. In all likelihood, he will also put us into bankruptcy just as he has done numerous times in his business ventures. But I think all of this is beside the point, because the only reason for him to win the Republican ticket is so that he will lose in the general election. 

So while I hate the fact that he is being pushed on us, and I have no trust in what he says, there is one reason that could make me vote for him. I think this is the same reason others are voting for him now. Revenge. I want to see revenge enacted on Obama, Clintons, and all the others who are destroying our country. If Trump promised to put Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Reid,.. in jail, I would vote for him. I don't care if this is the type of actions that define other banana republics. I want revenge. I hope whoever is selected figures this out and capitalizes on it.  

I truly believe that revenge is what the majority of our country wants; among the republicans, independents, and democrats.  The democrats want revenge against the imaginary "1 percents", the privileged whites,.. and everyone else they were fed to believe are their enemies. This is why Sanders might win the primaries. However Hillary is starting to screech louder and she might still get the nomination.  The conservatives want revenge against the sellout pols who destroyed our economy, ruined our health care, and shamed our armed forces.  This is the only reason so many are voting for Trump.  If he actually wants to win the presidency, he could on this one issue. 

There is just so much anger in the country. One rancher in Oregon is dead already. If some statists died too, it would be good. War is here. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016


I looked at the poll predictions where Clinton or Sanders were matched against various republicans. Both of the democrats beat Trump and are about even with Carson. Both of the democrats lose to either Cruz or Rubio. Makes one wonder if the democrat strategy is simply to push the less electable republican to the front in the primaries. Personally, every time I hear Trump speak I cringe. I would rather see him in office than either Sanders or Clinton, but the idea of voting for Trump, I find revolting. Perhaps that is why these polls predict democrat victories. Many, including me, might just stay home on election day if the choice is bad and worse.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Delusions For Sale

I found this story interesting in how it illustrates the intellectual rot our society has developed. There is an infamous internet site that claims to connect people who are interested in extramarital affairs. That site is Ashley Madison, and I have seen their ads appear occasionally when I visit different corners of the internet.

A little while ago, a threat made to reveal the identities of clients visiting  this site, unless certain demands were made. I remember hearing about this on talk radio during my drive from work and I thought it was funny. All those men hoping to cheat on their wives should feel miserable and be filled with fear.

Anyway I forgot all about this sordid affair until I opened up Yahoo finance checking on how the market is responding to the implosion of Chinese fake commodities markets, and there was a related story about Ashley Madison and the analysis of the hacked data from this site. For full story go here. It turns out that of the millions of accounts on this site, 31 million were dudes and only 5 million were supposedly women. Of the analyzed "female accounts" a large percentage belonged to Ashley Madison employees who most likely pretended to be women and tried to get male account holders to spend money on membership fees. When analyzed, many of the "female" accounts were slight variations of the same account name and often led to ashleymadison.com revealing that these accounts were created internally by members of the company staff. Furthermore, analyzing correspondence they found that only 1,500 women ever checked messages on this site versus 20 million men, and same percentages occurred when it came to responding to messages. Essentially a dude's chance of talking to a girl on this site was about 1000 to 1. Using a the chat function and corresponding to a woman was about 5000 to 1. In summary the site Ashley Madison catered to a bunch of frustrated men and sold them the chance to electronically interact with another dude while fantasizing that he was corresponding with a woman.

We do an awful lot of pretending in our culture and Ashley Madison creator got rich selling pipe dreams to people. Same as Obamacare, Chinese stock trade, and Islamic tolerance. In my own line of work I see a lot of people hurt by drug use; this is a very similar behavior where predators sell dreams to people and for a short time they get to imagine that life is better than it is.

Time to wake up folks. Only those who face reality can have a realistic future.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nitpicking by Senate Republicans.

Since the church shooting, Senator Murphy from Connecticut, emphasized that something must be done about all these people with guns. Specifically he said that ever since Sandy Hook, there has been a school shooting every week  and we must DO SOMETHING. So, the folks at Townhall are upset with him because, apparently there haven't been any reported school shootings since Sandy Hook. Why are they so stuck on specifics? Perhaps the senator meant to say shouting, but due to his Connecticut accent, it sounded like shooting.  It's just one letter of a difference.

We must all ban together and put an end to all these School Shouting incidents. NOW!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Concert in the park.

I was at a concert tonight in Prospect Park enjoying a free performance by NY Philharmonic.  Right before the performance started, the announcer requested a 10 second moment of silence, and I asked one of my liberal friends why. She looked at me with a "gotcha" smile and said it is because of the church shooting. I replied: oh you mean that liberal democrat who shot up a church. She said, no it was some white supremacist. Again I said, sure it was a liberal democrat or some other nazi socialist. She looked at me like I was speaking crazy talk, and I just continued. Can you imagine a conservative church going man shooting up a church?  I didn't just say it for her benefit, but made sure it was loud enough for all the psychotic liberals around to hear me. Who knows, maybe one of them will have a moment of clear reflection and feel a glimmer reality shining on him.

When all is said and done, I am certain they will find another deranged liberal there, and the news covering this story will die down.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

In America, it pays to be black.

There is a huge uproar over some race faker name Rachel Dolezal. Apparently she faked being black - probably got a tan at some saloon, and got a job for the NAACP. I don't understand why this should cause an uproar. We have a senator who faked being an American Indian, and a president who faked just about everything in his life. Hillary may have faked more than Obama and she will probably be our next president.

So what if Rachel fakes things too. It pays.