Friday, December 2, 2016

Economic Terrorist.

A recent post at WND delves into the current effort to take down Breitbart. 

The names associated with the cloaked user known as "Sleeping Giants" are closely linked with Obama. I don't know if this is a new role for Obama to damage American economy or if these are his associates following orders from Soros. I don't think this is initiated by Clintons because they were mostly about selling influence rather than disrupting economy. This has the flavor of a true radicalized commie; seems to fit into Obama style disruption well. Saving this country will not be easy with so many embedded enemies.

Too bad about 3M - I use their products often. Kellogg is easy to avoid as their cereals would only make it to the table if I went out of my way to buy them. Still, this list is an attack on Trump and this country: it really is an act of war.

Boycotting all these companies will hurt numerous Americans and that path seems wrong to me. The CEO's won't care as much as the factory worker about these companies failing. To fight back effectively, we need to out the real enemies here and make it personal. Let the CEO's explain themselves to the factory workers they will be laying off, because they were bullied into declaring 1/2 of this country as unworthy of their medications, office products, and cereal. Cut the stings on their parachutes and perhaps some will come to their senses. There should be a provision in the contract about directly sabotaging the companies they represent.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Trump.

It's over. Pennsylvania is reporting 99%, with Trump 59,000 votes ahead. Each percentage point represents 58,000 votes.
He will also very likely take Michigan, Arizona, Alaska, and overall pick up more than 300 electoral votes.

As I said a short time ago, a lot of work lies ahead.
While I sincerely hope to see Hillary and Bill in jail, along with the rest of their rotten group - Lynch and Comey should fit right in, Obama is still dangerous and likely looking to create more damage on his way out. Need to prevent this damage. Jail later.

Good night.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Long day, long night.

I hope the morning brings us renewed hope. If it does, we will have a lot of work ahead, but work can be a satisfying endeavor. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Rumors of Trump's death appear to have been greatly exaggerated.

Scott Adams has thrown in the towel and now recommends voting for Johnson. Bookworm, whose posts I love reading, is unusually gloomy today. She thinks the America she loves is dead and gone. Western Rifle Association blog has been putting out posts to prepare readers for a civil war. They think we will start shooting one another soon. I won't mention Ryan anymore than stating that he is part of the problem and acting as expected.

Recently I saw a movie on YouTube called Durak, which was made in 2014. It is loosely based on Dostoyevskiy's "The Idiot". The movie's protagonist is a young man who works as a plumber and at the same time studies to become a civil engineer. He gets called late at night to look at a busted pipe in a building he is assigned to supervise. After going there, he realizes that the building has a bigger problem than a pipe, and is in fact on the verge of falling down. The building is home to 800 poor; kids smoke pot, the adults drink, and old women pensioners are hiding behind closed doors. He tries to alert the town's mayor and after convincing 2 of her staff that the building needs to be immediately evacuated, he is left to wait her decision with administrators. During that time, each person in the government accuses each other of gross negligence, theft, and corruption. The building is a metaphor for the country. The administration sees all the people in the building as cattle and their only care is to avoid being hurt. Eventually, the mayor tells the chief of police to kill the messengers. As they stand under a bridge about to be shot, the old and corrupt building safety administrator asks the police to spare the plumber. The police let him go, instructing him to get out of town. He runs back home, has his wife and son quickly pack and drives off. However, the fate of all these people tortures him and he cannot let it go. He abandons his family and as they drive off, runs to the crumbling building which is due to fall down any moment, and bangs on doors yelling "get out, the building is falling". They leave and stand outside waiting for someone to come and get them. The drunkard puts his arm around the plumber and pronounces look at this man - a real man, rescued all these people... And then punches him in the stomach. A number of other tenants join in and start beating the plumber senseless. The movie ends with the naive idiot lying on the ground, and people returning into their crumbling building.

That is the state of the union and it is the same in Russia, USA, and Europe.  The liars, thieves, and murderers are in charge and the sick electorate doesn't want to know how sick their world is.

On the other hand there is a glimmer of hope. The latest Rasmussen poll shows Trump leads among the likely voters. I know that Trump is no angel and I know that he made his money as a crony capitalist. But maybe he is like that old administrator in charge of upkeep; maybe there is still some sense of honor left in him. Maybe it hasn't all collapsed yet.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


The fight between Russians and Obamites over Syria is heating up. What is next?

- I refuse to call Obama's gang Americans as their presence in DC is illegal and their claim to represent USA is false.

Anyway, why are American forces being used to degrade Assad in Syria. While I am no fan of Assad, I must ask the question of what will come to Syria if Assad is ousted? Libya anyone. For that matter, which country that Obama meddled in has ever fared better and was afterwards beneficial to its neighbors? Not one.

Obama and his henchmen support jihadists in Syria, and are hellbent on undermining long established nations throughout our world. This should bother even a group as dense as the UN.  Maybe the crooks and thieves sitting in UN, think they will keep their cushy places once their respected countries disappear?  My guess is that they dream of global governance.

All of these adventures will end very badly, as world domination dreams always do. Badness ahead.

I am also no fan of Putin or his dreams of Russian expansion. However, if the choice is between nation states and globalism, I support national sovereignty. As Americans, we need to strengthen ourselves and our allies rather than destroy our neighbors.   

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trump or Bust.

Contrary to my prior sentiment, I will vote for Trump. What else can one do?

All the pundits piling it on after Trump's latest comments. May you all burn in hell.  Europe burns, and soon Americans will witness the same in our own country. I don't know this Khan, but I know what his faithful compatriots wish for my country. I don't want them or their psychotic visions of paradise. What Merkel brought to Europe, Hillary intends for America.

F it all. TRUMP 2016


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Goodbye Republic

With Cruz out, the road for Hillary has been cleared. Let me repeat this for the rare visitor to my blog. The only reason Trump was promoted was to enable a very weak candidate that Hillary is, to win the presidency. Hillary beats Trump by double digits in polls. Hillary supporters voted for Trump in the primaries. They will not do this in the general election. As far as conservatives go, I do not want to vote for someone who makes me turn off the radio each time I hear his voice. I am not alone. A large enough group of Conservatives, Republicans, and Libertarians will not vote for him.

Who is left?
       Good luck with those.