Monday, December 29, 2008

The Visit

This morning I caught a glimpse of an old movie starring Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Quinn. The movie plot focuses on a poor dying town, to which a wealthy woman, who once lived there, returns. She was disgraced there in her youth and now wants revenge on the man and the people who disgraced her. She offers the townspeople money for this man's execution. They eventually accept and just before this man is executed, she stops the process and the townspeople are forced to live with their moral choice. "The Visit" brilliantly portrays how money can buy murder.

It is interesting just how much in sync the plot of this movie, is with current world events. Lets consider Israel, the UN, and Arab oil money. Although Jews have committed no greater sins in their lives than any other group, there is a call for their murder. World organizations fueled by petrodollars and proclaiming to be seekers of human rights and justice, clamor for the death of Jews and the destruction of Israel. Newspapers worry about how this unrest in the middle east, will affect the "price of oil." These propaganda rags seek donations from murdering dictators and in turn, publish the words of terrorists, child killers, and proclaim their support for these scum.

A small country besieged by violent neighbors and its population constantly bombarded with rockets and mortars, is asked to die quietly. Did I hear a single UN leader or an MSM newspaper saying during that recent period-enough is enough, Israel must defend itself. Not one coward spoke up.

I am also certain that the decision to fire on Gaza was made after there were no other options. It is easy for those of us in the safety our American homes, to act gung ho and express our pride in Jewish military capabilities. Consider the Jews cowering in bomb shelters in southern Israel. Consider the families throughout all of Israel wondering whether an indiscriminate, or specifically targeted to hit civilian dwellings, rocket will land on their heads. This war is not so easy for them, and I am certain that the operation in Gaza was made as the option of last resort. There was nowhere else to turn.

What do we hear from world's newspapers and cowards of the UN. "Disproportionate response." We hear calls for Israelis to stop fighting and to bestow money and gifts on Hamas. We see pictures provided by terrorists showing the suffering of children that these same vermin caused, and we see Israelis blamed for these crimes. A more accurate portrayal would have shown photographs with rows of dead Hamas terrorists, with civilians standing safely and looking down at them. You won't easily find these pictures.

When Pakistani trained monsters mutilated Jews in Mumbai, the New York Times went out of their way to suggest that the terrorists did not specifically target Jews. It seemed as if they just happened to walk by the Chabad house. Did this newspaper describe just how depraved and disgusting the actions of these vermin were? The sympathy expressed for these murderers by these filthy rags was well paid for. They urged Indian restraint.

Now, we hear all these cowards call to stop the bloodshed of innocent Palestinians. Again, they call for restraint. What motivates them? Do they fear their wallets shrinking or do they fear the sword of an enraged Muslim hurdling towards their necks?

The Saudis, Iranians, and the insane Hugo Chavez will offer the world money to murder Jews and to prevent Israeli victory over these bloodthirsty animals on the nation's borders. UN representatives after receiving petrodollar bribes, echo these calls. It is not only greed that they follow, it is also fear because they hope that by feeding this crocodile saves them for last. What will they say in their defense, in the next world? In the end, G-d will judge them.

Israel, I pray for your safety and your victory over your enemies. As an American and a Jew, I know well, that your enemies are my enemies.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Forced Labor Camps.

A new government web site called has been spotted. It deserves mention that this site is being run by a fundraising group, and this is in violation of federal law. However do laws have any meaning, when there are no consequences for breaking them? For the time being, our new administration appears to act above the law.

The following is an excerpt from this site:

"The Obama Administration will call on Americans to serve in order to meet the nation’s challenges. President-Elect Obama will expand national service programs like AmeriCorps and Peace Corps and will create a new Classroom Corps to help teachers in underserved schools, as well as a new Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, and Veterans Corps. Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by developing a plan to require 50 hours of community service in middle school and high school and 100 hours of community service in college every year. Obama will encourage retiring Americans to serve by improving programs available for individuals over age 55, while at the same time promoting youth programs such as Youth Build and Head Start."

This is not a new idea. Under Soviet rule, the students were required to spend some of their time on a collective farm, picking potatoes. Many hated such service and this workforce really did not accomplish much economically, or in terms of improved harvesting. Basically this was an unskilled labor force, doing a job without any enthusiasm or care. Imagine how migrant workers might react to the idea of California's farms being serviced by this volunteer army. Consider that these volunteers might diminish the effectiveness of the harvest. That is part of the reason communist Russia relied on yearly American shipments of grain.

Another possible use for this youth brigade would be to clean up the highways, dig ditches, and perform the work currently reserved for the incarcerated. The transition period may require these two work forces to labor along side of each other, and help understand each other better. I wonder if this is the sort of public education you had in mind for your children.

What about work related accidents? Lets say a 15 year old develops a severe asthma reaction from pesticides and needs emergency care. Will he be able to site clinical conditions to be excused from future work assignments? How does one determine what sort of community service each child is directed to? Who will make such determinations, and will such a system be prone to corruption. Will it be used to punish those whose views are not aligned with the administration? How about injuries sustained while working on the side of the road? How many of them will be needed before this program's faults are examined? You really think the media will criticise the policies of our illustrious leader, or do you have examples of how this Obama controlled/aligned press has kept us in the dark? Just see the recent LA Times tape controversy.

Here is a frightening thought that should really cause each of us stop and think. What will happen, if you refuse to serve in this force? This is not a volunteer program; please pay attention to the word require.

So if such a force will not improve the health of our farms, roads, and might require schoolchildren to work in a dangerous environment, what possible reason is there to create this. Please don't file this under another dumb government idea. The democrats have just orchestrated an impressive campaign and took over almost every aspect of our government. The judicial branch will fall soon. You should not underestimate them, or their campaigning skill. Everything is done to solidify their hold on the government.

The creation of this force will act to promote a socialist mentality among school age children. For 50 - 100 hours, children will be schooled in the benefits of belonging to the collective. They will hear from their program counselors about Obama's mission and their role in it. They will come home needing to reconcile how their time spent was not a wasted effort. There will be peer pressure from both their government appointed supervisors and other kids who have bought the whole change mantra. In sum, the main purpose of this program will be to provide another avenue for the indoctrination of our youth. You think that ideas of Bill Ayers and the work he is doing in education reform are not reflected here? All you have to do is listen to a speech he gave in Venezuela to put this program into proper context.

Dark times lie ahead. The only solution is to shine as bright a light as we can on our nation. The newspapers will not do it. We need other outlets. Fight to preserve the 1st amendment. These attacks will come hard and fast. Fair speech doctrine is one particularly nasty piece of legislation our new government will try to push through. Also, remember that without the 2nd amendment, there can be no 1st. Look for legislation that will seek to limit our 2nd amendment rights.

I wish to end this story on a positive note. Our community is growing. I direct you to another blogger who used an excellent quote from Ed Howdershelt, to name his new site: "There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order." His initial post was inspirational.

After the last election, I am wondering how trustworthy the ballot box has become. The soap box is shaky as well. Our major media sources have abandoned us. We will soon reach out to the jury box, and this will be a true David vs Goliath battle. Just consider how much money the other side has access to. I pray we will not reach for the ammo box again. Read his essay and join the fight.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope Is Gone

No, not really. I still have hope in the wisdom of America's founding fathers, and the courage of fellow Americans. We must regroup, rethink our strategy, and return to the fight. Trust me, the war continues and those who passively lie down will still suffer. We will, and we must, stand up and fight.

This election was lost and we have a mystery man at the door waiting to take over our highest office. We do not know much about this man, and a few tidbits of information barely managed to leak out just prior to election day. The media blackout imposed by our leading newspapers was shameful and effective. We don't know what percentage of the thousands of votes in key battleground states, were fraudulent. We don't know enough at this point to learn from our mistakes. Crucial information about this man and this election, must be brought to light and accurately examined.

Our country faces a very uncertain future. Our enemies sense our weakness. Our troops face the challenge of returning home without securing victory; what a waste of lives, effort, and money. Our economic policies will be based on irrational Utopian dreams. Much of our media will remain an instrument of the socialist elitists and promote divisive propaganda. Our schools will continue to be indoctrination centers and will churn out brain-dead gullible zombies.

I have not abandoned this country to the hyenas. I thank DrSanity, Wolfhowling, Michelle Malkin, LGF and the rest of conservative blogging community for shedding some light on our times. It is time to take back our country. The time to begin is now. Demand that the LA Times releases its infamous tape. Investigate voter fraud in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and other states. Palin is a real leader for these times. Her state's approval rating testifies to her effective leadership. There are many others. They will need our support.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Although it is moronic to believe that 95% of Americans will receive a tax break when less than 70% of Americans actually pay any sort of taxes, I am willing to make a more mathematically feasible campaign promise. If you vote for me, I will ensure that some select Americans will pay only 5% of their current scheduled taxes. That means you could be the lucky winner of the 95% tax reduction. Considering that your odds at winning this prize are no worse than when you play the lottery, what do you have to lose?
Vote for me, because it is as good as playing the lottery and you don't even have to spend a dollar.

Happy Halloween....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Misleading rumors from the media.

There is a new rumor making rounds from the leading crap-news (newspaper only fit for toilet use) outfits, that Jews favor Obama. What is not reported is that McCain is the clear favorite among Americans, both Jewish and Gentile, who support the state of Israel. So are these newspapers trying to claim that most American Jews want to see Israel overrun by bloodthirsty Arab mobs? Come November 4th, we shall see.

Under the cold Soviet sun, parents were afraid of their children. The myth of Pavlik Marozov and the threat of idle table chat being repeated by children at school to unknown KGB informants, kept most people from speaking freely. At work, you never knew whether a friendly colleague was motivated by the idea of career advancement through their "usefulness" towards the secret police. The Russian Jews who immigrated to the United States remember these times, and see Obama as a threat to their newly found freedoms. They also see Obama as a threat to Israel, but from their decades of living under the iron curtain, they are likely to keep their thoughts private and not talk to surveyors.

These Russian Jews realize that without the state of Israel, their fate would be much worse. Many had the fortune to leave Soviet Union largely because of Israeli and American led international pressure. Some fled to Israel while others, being fearful of a looming war in that region, came to the United States. Wherever they have gone, their gratitude to Israel and their desire to see it prosper, remains strong. While they may not share their thoughts with reporters and survey callers, they overwhelmingly support McCain, the republican party, and will vote accordingly. Furthermore, considering the high level of this new threat, this community is more motivated to vote this year than I have ever seen.

The Lubavitch, Hasidic, and other Orthodox communities are also acutely aware of the contrasts between the two candidates for the American presidency, and they support McCain. They appropriately describe Obama and his close associates as a pack of Cossacks. They will make their voices heard as well.

I am certain that there are self hating people, born to Jewish parents, who have some pathological need to debase themselves. These pathetic embarrassments to the Jewish community recently paraded themselves at a Holocaust denial conference in Iran. They also unbelievably obtained a mainstream status from outfits like the Guardian, Associated Press, and the New York Times. They are only mainstream in their own minds and the Obamamedia propaganda networks. People have forgotten how the New York Times writers were supportive of Hitler and Nazis prior to World War II. They sure backed a winning horse then.

Another trash outfit worthy of mention is the Los Angeles Times. This entity is suppressing the release of a video featuring Obama at a reception for a PLO operative. They may hide this video, and someday burn books at a "fair speech" gathering, but their attempt at containment of this information is leaky. According to a reliable source, Obama riled the audience up with a toast, saying “Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine” plus there’s been “genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis.” There are multiple blogging sites that in the past have been extremely careful to not jump to conclusions prematurely, and they weigh above statements as reliable and accurate.

On election day there will be a surprise from New York, and speaking of Jews that do not represent the New York Jewish communities or American interests, I strongly encourage to send Chuckie to the unemployment line.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Socialism At Work/LA Times Story.

There is an astronomical demand for a video hidden at a secure location by the staff of Los Angeles Times. This is a video of Barak Obama toasting his good friend and neighbor Khalidi. Khalidi was employed by the PLO while it was still designated a terrorist organization. This event included the typical calls for Israeli annihilation and for repeat attempts at genocide of the Jews. Good company to be around, if you are running for office in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia,... Maybe not the greatest associates for an American candidate for political office.

The LA Times newspaper is on the verge of bankruptcy. Readers are dropping their subscriptions and advertisers are moving onto greener pastures. Requests for release of this video have been made by other newsmen and ordinary people. Yet, the LA Times have responded to these requests with arrogance, scorn, and hostility. In an email published at littlegreenfootballs, Jamie Gold chastises one of their readers for not being satisfied with "mere reporting."

There is an excellent reason why readers are no longer satisfied with how important news items are being reported. Newspapers have lost their claim to unbiased, objective reporting and ethical journalism. LA Times is clearly one of the top propaganda rags; it is highly unethical, deeply biased, completely untrustworthy. In fact, looking through the LA Times for news is about as absurd as looking for truth in the Russian toilet paper outfit called Pravda.

LA Times editors have a great opportunity to increase their sales and restore some dignity to their outfit, but they have chosen to suppress the news and do everything they can to usher in an era of socialism. I wish them all good health because that is the only thing they may be left with in the future. Contrary to promises, there is very little money in socialism. From a financial perspective there is really no future in such philosophy.

You will no doubt need this health while waiting in lines. The unemployment line will be one. The grocery line to buy potatoes will be another. Waiting for rationed goods like gasoline, will be fun too. Russians became used to waiting in long lines under the blissful tune of communism. It was their national pastime. The LA Times wish to bring about the age of socialism and all of its rewards to our nation. Who knows, maybe some day languishing in line will become an Olympic sport.

Meanwhile we continue to wait for them to do the right thing and inform the public. Release the tape!

Here is how you can help: Contact the owner of LA Times, Sam Zell.

His fax number is: 213-237-3535 ( Thank you P.J. Gladnick and OReilly factor.)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hipocritical, Circular Logic In The Media

There are many ways to elevate your blood pressure in the morning, and reading a sample of news briefs from the Google news page is particularly effective. A quick scan of the main news compilation shows the most promoted and, by someones standards, the most important news stories at that particular moment.

As I write this, there are over 590 major news sources such as the BBC, New York Times, Guardian, and LA Times having a self promoting orgy fest about how Alaska's largest paper has chosen to endorse their candidate Obama. These outlets quote an opinion from the Alaska Daily News, that "Governor Palin is too risky" to become the vice president of the United States. What nonsense they peddle as legitimate stories. Their obvious implication is that in a Republican state, and populated by citizens who know Governor Palin well, "they" have their doubts about her viability for the vice-presidency job and hence the viability of the entire McCain/Palin ticket. The implication is that this opinion piece represents the Alaskan populace, but in reality, "they" only represent the overpaid newspaper staff. I honestly don't know exactly how much these writers and editors earn, but for printing such trash, they earn too much. When other blatantly biased news outlets reference the Anchorage paper, they believe that somehow they are vindicating their own tainted reporting because this Alaskan paper article agrees with them. In less sophisticated circles, this would have sounded like a litany of "I told you so." The circular logic here is mind numbing. However, even among the uneducated masses, this form of circular logic is well known for being illogical, and in other words, just plain stupidity.

In reference to Anchorage Daily News, just who exactly are "they?" This paper is owned by the California Based McClatchy Co., and according to Wikipedia, The McClatchy Co. is a large publishing company that operates a number of newspapers and web sites. They are based in Sacramento, California and their original newspaper was the Sacramento Bee. Other large ticket items at this company include the Minneapolis Star Tribune, The Olympian from Washington State, and many other papers they obtained in the Knight Rider purchase. In sum, these folks operate numerous MSM newspapers and some may wonder just how large is the liberal bias at this company. Here is a quote from the McClatchy's Washington D.C. bureau chief, John Walcott, as he proudly boasts about the McClatchy's reporting during the Iraq War.

"Why, in a nutshell, was our reporting different from so much other reporting? One important reason was that we sought out the dissidents, and we listened to them, instead of serving as stenographers to high-ranking [Bush administration] officials and Iraqi exiles."

These folks are not just "liberal," they are outright subversive. Their bureau chief's moment of pride is seeking out and publishing the stories of Iraqi dissidents, at the time of war. There is another, more accurate way to characterize this behavior. Publication of propaganda pieces from the Sadr army, Al-Qaeda (in Iraq), Hezbollah, etc,... is not something to proud of. In fact it is shameful.

Although I used this above quote from the Wikipedia page, to illustrate media bias specific to McClatchy Co., there are numerous other excellent examples of such bias. The McClatchy watch site is particularly useful. Apparently, several McClatchy directors, and family members of the McClatchy clan, are large donors to Obama and the Democratic party. Would it be surprising then, that a list of 17 McClatchy newspapers, including the Anchorage Daily News, are proclaiming their endorsements of Obama?

Now I want to review the reported statement about Alaskans once again, and within the proper context I discussed above. The headline all these newspapers are clamoring about is: "Even the Sacramento Bee, endorses Obama." Now, having read this you might think: Huh? Why is this news? Pretending that such reporting is honest, is hypocrisy. Believing that printing such stories is a healthy for the news industry is dumb. Just how dumb? Try falling from 17.25 dollars per share to 2.26 dollars per share in a 52 week period, dumb.

Lastly, I wish to return to my comment about the newspaper writers and editors being overpaid. The way they operate, they will soon be unemployed. This is how capitalism, and in essence reality, eventually triumphs over ignorance, wishful thinking, and insanity. I just hope enough Americans will open their eyes in time, so that the fate of these pathetic rags will not become our nation's fate.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Big fat government, and reducing its carbon footprint.

Some have complained that my writing is much less entertaining than I imagine, and that I should shorten my essays. I apologize to those of you who feel this way. My expected reward for work, shall be an improvement of my writing ability. I appreciate your criticism, and will work on improving this blog, and hence its entertainment value.

What is the absolute minimalist role of government? From my perspective there is only one task that I expect my government to accomplish. It is to protect its citizens.

I expect my local government to protect me from thieves, thugs, and delusional locals. For this protection, I will gladly pay the salary of police officers that patrol the neighborhood and the cost of jailing the above mentioned perpetrators. A court system is needed to properly sort out these criminals, as well as, to judge fairly when a delusional neighbor has accused me of some wrongful conduct. Finally, there is the cost of administering these entities.

For my federal tax payments, I expect the national government to protect me from foreign thugs, thieves, and psychopaths. I also charge the federal government to go after criminals not only foreign to the United States, but also those who come from other states or have fled across state lines. Therefore I consider the army and federal law enforcement as the only legitimate roles for our central government.

All the other duties we have needlessly piled onto our government would be much better handled through private enterprise. For this reason nearly every parent that can afford it, sends kids to private schools. Some chose to move into an overpriced neighborhood so that their children can go to a good public school, but it is simply another way to pay privately for a better education. How many more of us would be able to afford private school tuition if we weren't forced to pay for public schools through taxes?

Charity is a noble accomplishment, but if our politicians wish to make themselves feel well about giving to the needy, they should give their own money. I donate to charity as well, but I do not have this luxury of donating other people's money. Welfare expansion is not what we elect our government officials to do.

Want to fund basic research and local art exhibitions? Let the voters decide what they are wish to pay for. In fact, let them contribute however much they want and to whichever project they want, and cutout the middleman.

Some believe that it is our government's role to care for the elderly. It is not; we have all contributed to our retirement plans, and we hope that our government gives some of these deposited funds back to us. Some out there believe that the majority of Americans wish to pay the cost of caring for those that never contributed to this fund. They are mistaken. A fable involving the ant who worked all summer to save up for the winter and the grasshopper who wasted his time comes to mind. This story's popularity is owed to its inherent universal truth.

This is my vision for the ideal size of our government, and I wonder if my views are the views of the American majority.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama, what is best in life?

When the current Republican governor of California was asked this question in one of his movies, he replied "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women." It seems that candidate Obama and his Democratic accomplices have their own answer to the above question. They know what is best in life, and not only for them, but for you as well. By you, I mean the tax paying citizen of the United States. Our Democrats have come up with a new plan to fix social security and it involves taking over your 401k. Apparently, these Democrats feel that they are "losing" almost 80 billion dollars each year, because some of your earned income is being diverted to a retirement account before they had a chance to tax it. It is a very interesting choice of words, because their "loss" is simply their inability to reach further into your pocket. Some of us may see this more like a thief complaining that an average day's plunder was a loss for him.

There is a plan to kill off private retirement accounts such as the 401k, and afterwards every wage earner will be obliged to contribute to a government run retirement account. This fund will be "integrated" with social security. Interesting concept, our Democrats propose. Since you, the taxpayer don't know what is best for your future, our government will manage your money for you. Will you have a say in how much money you will place into this scheme, that is additional money to what you already invest into social security? Apparently not, as you will be obliged to place 5 percent of your income into this account. Don't you worry though, because our government knows what is best for you.

This fund will be used to buy government bonds that are expected to earn 3 percent. Wow, that interest is almost half of our inflation rate. Furthermore, you will no longer receive any matching funds from your employer, into this retirement scheme. Why, you ask? People contribute to these accounts because such accounts are temporarily tax exempt. I emphasize temporarily, because you will still pay taxes on this income when you actually withdraw these funds. Employers contribute to these funds also because of the tax breaks being offered. So if you remove such incentives, employers will no longer contribute to these accounts. You, the tax payer, will still be forced to contribute. This return of 3 percent may sound pleasant when compared to the most recent market trend, but it is less than half of the 7 percent rate of return that you would earn from the average 401k account.

Some out there will think, sounds a lot like social security. We contribute a set amount to social security, we are used to such contributions, and we will become used to this. Turn your ear to the constant frantic screams from our government officials about how social security is bankrupt and how it needs to be fixed. If social security will not be waiting for you when you retire, neither will this plan. In fact, a large part of this scheme is to divert more funds into social security. These funds will evaporate, if social security fails. Fear of social security being unreliable, is another reason why so many Americans contribute to private retirement plans; they don't believe that social security will get them through their golden years.

Back to Conan and what is best in life. The House Democrats want to crush their enemies, namely the American taxpayer who wishes to manage his own retirement plan or, in their eyes, has withheld some of his tax. They want to see these enemies driven before them, I guess these enemies are the investment companies competing with our government sponsored retirement accounts. And finally they wish to hear the lamentations of their women; this might mean that when husbands die before their wives, not only will social security payments disappear but so will their other retirement accounts. This is the Democratic party platform, and their candidate for presidency's vision of the American dream. Namely, higher taxes, bigger government, loss of the individual's ability to manage their money, and to rid this country of capitalist firms. They may know what's best for them, but this is not necessarily what will be best for you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A difference of ideology; a difference in tactics.

Conservative bloggers such as Pat Santy have authored numerous discussions on the dangers of socialism, and how this ideology aims to destroy the individual. Democrats, such as Orson Scott Card, have also remarked on how dangerous this road taken by the Democratic party really is.

A new spotlight in the American political scene fell on the most unlikely person in our entire country: Joe Wurzelbacher, aka Joe-the-plumber. Not some Hollywood star or a famous sports figure. Not some famous billionaire or a retired general. Just your average guy, from a very ordinary neighborhood. In a story reminiscent of Lord of the Rings, this man would have happily remained off the political radar if it were not for a visit by the leading candidate for the presidency of the United States, a visit to Joe's front lawn. Joe asked candidate Obama a very straightforward question: will I pay more in taxes. All of a sudden, there were no teleprompters to turn to and candidate Obama gave one of his most honest answers during his entire campaign. He said: "Joe it is not that I want to punish your success....I think when you spread the wealth around it is good for everybody." There it is, Obama really does believe in a socialist system of governing. He really does want there to be an equality of outcome rather than an equality of opportunity. This statement was radioactive. It completely revitalized the Republican campaign and caused an incredible detour to take place in the Democratic campaign. What followed exposed the essential difference in how each party perceives what Americans want, and how each party intends to govern this country. The current Democratic party believes in the greater collective good. Joe became an obstacle in their path to glorious victory and he was punished for it. A policy of personal attacks against this very average American citizen was directed from the Obama campaign. This average middle class American became their enemy. His credentials for work were publicly questioned and he was denounced as a republican plant. Was Joe really a plumber? What business does he have being out on his front lawn anyway? Does Joe have enough education to understand and question Obama,...? The Republicans on the other hand applauded Joe and supported him. This was seen much more widely in the bloggosphere than was reported on in main newspapers. It is really difficult to hear objective reporting from the MSM these days, but that is another story. So Obama and the democrats want to destroy Joe and the Republicans are screaming: "We are Joe."

Who is this Joe and what does he represent to each party? I see him as another American citizen who is pursuing the American dream. One party wants to trample his individual rights, because he is an obstacle on their quest for power, and the other group stands with Joe and internalizes his individual pursuit of happiness. There is my take on the essential differences in ideology during this election, and how this difference has led one party to try to destroy Joe-the-plumber, while another party has chosen to fight on Joe's behalf. One party represents the collective, while the other the individual. This is why Obama cannot recall the name of the soldier whose bracelet he wore during one the debates, and he wore it despite the protest from this fallen soldier's family. This is why Biden tells such lovely stories about a local shop, but when the facts of his story are checked, the details turn out to be false. Individuals are not important to them. This is why Obama's brother lives in hovel and a school named after him has not received any of his help. On the other hand, McCain adopted children from impoverished countries and personally cares for their welfare. When visiting foreign lands, he makes certain to stop and visit our soldiers there. These individuals matter to him. He hasn't done enough to discredit some of his critics, because a personal attack on these individuals goes against McCain's core values. Come November, you will be asked to make a choice: Rights of the individual vs rights of the state.

As public spotlight was cast on Joe, this "ring of power" and burden became his to bear. A very unlikely hero for in the eyes of the Democratic Party machine, but the quintessential American for many. In answering Obama's latest headline, the one about being too far ahead of McCain for any chance of a Republican success, I will quote from The Return of the King: “It’s like in the great stories. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you... Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something. That there’s some good in this world. And it’s worth fighting for.” Good luck John and Sarah.