Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Socialism At Work/LA Times Story.

There is an astronomical demand for a video hidden at a secure location by the staff of Los Angeles Times. This is a video of Barak Obama toasting his good friend and neighbor Khalidi. Khalidi was employed by the PLO while it was still designated a terrorist organization. This event included the typical calls for Israeli annihilation and for repeat attempts at genocide of the Jews. Good company to be around, if you are running for office in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia,... Maybe not the greatest associates for an American candidate for political office.

The LA Times newspaper is on the verge of bankruptcy. Readers are dropping their subscriptions and advertisers are moving onto greener pastures. Requests for release of this video have been made by other newsmen and ordinary people. Yet, the LA Times have responded to these requests with arrogance, scorn, and hostility. In an email published at littlegreenfootballs, Jamie Gold chastises one of their readers for not being satisfied with "mere reporting."

There is an excellent reason why readers are no longer satisfied with how important news items are being reported. Newspapers have lost their claim to unbiased, objective reporting and ethical journalism. LA Times is clearly one of the top propaganda rags; it is highly unethical, deeply biased, completely untrustworthy. In fact, looking through the LA Times for news is about as absurd as looking for truth in the Russian toilet paper outfit called Pravda.

LA Times editors have a great opportunity to increase their sales and restore some dignity to their outfit, but they have chosen to suppress the news and do everything they can to usher in an era of socialism. I wish them all good health because that is the only thing they may be left with in the future. Contrary to promises, there is very little money in socialism. From a financial perspective there is really no future in such philosophy.

You will no doubt need this health while waiting in lines. The unemployment line will be one. The grocery line to buy potatoes will be another. Waiting for rationed goods like gasoline, will be fun too. Russians became used to waiting in long lines under the blissful tune of communism. It was their national pastime. The LA Times wish to bring about the age of socialism and all of its rewards to our nation. Who knows, maybe some day languishing in line will become an Olympic sport.

Meanwhile we continue to wait for them to do the right thing and inform the public. Release the tape!

Here is how you can help: Contact the owner of LA Times, Sam Zell.

His fax number is: 213-237-3535 ( Thank you P.J. Gladnick and OReilly factor.)


Anonymous said...

Hey, Joe the Vinny.
What does astronomical demand mean?
Is it more or less than inter-galactic?

Anonymous said...
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