Thursday, October 30, 2008

Misleading rumors from the media.

There is a new rumor making rounds from the leading crap-news (newspaper only fit for toilet use) outfits, that Jews favor Obama. What is not reported is that McCain is the clear favorite among Americans, both Jewish and Gentile, who support the state of Israel. So are these newspapers trying to claim that most American Jews want to see Israel overrun by bloodthirsty Arab mobs? Come November 4th, we shall see.

Under the cold Soviet sun, parents were afraid of their children. The myth of Pavlik Marozov and the threat of idle table chat being repeated by children at school to unknown KGB informants, kept most people from speaking freely. At work, you never knew whether a friendly colleague was motivated by the idea of career advancement through their "usefulness" towards the secret police. The Russian Jews who immigrated to the United States remember these times, and see Obama as a threat to their newly found freedoms. They also see Obama as a threat to Israel, but from their decades of living under the iron curtain, they are likely to keep their thoughts private and not talk to surveyors.

These Russian Jews realize that without the state of Israel, their fate would be much worse. Many had the fortune to leave Soviet Union largely because of Israeli and American led international pressure. Some fled to Israel while others, being fearful of a looming war in that region, came to the United States. Wherever they have gone, their gratitude to Israel and their desire to see it prosper, remains strong. While they may not share their thoughts with reporters and survey callers, they overwhelmingly support McCain, the republican party, and will vote accordingly. Furthermore, considering the high level of this new threat, this community is more motivated to vote this year than I have ever seen.

The Lubavitch, Hasidic, and other Orthodox communities are also acutely aware of the contrasts between the two candidates for the American presidency, and they support McCain. They appropriately describe Obama and his close associates as a pack of Cossacks. They will make their voices heard as well.

I am certain that there are self hating people, born to Jewish parents, who have some pathological need to debase themselves. These pathetic embarrassments to the Jewish community recently paraded themselves at a Holocaust denial conference in Iran. They also unbelievably obtained a mainstream status from outfits like the Guardian, Associated Press, and the New York Times. They are only mainstream in their own minds and the Obamamedia propaganda networks. People have forgotten how the New York Times writers were supportive of Hitler and Nazis prior to World War II. They sure backed a winning horse then.

Another trash outfit worthy of mention is the Los Angeles Times. This entity is suppressing the release of a video featuring Obama at a reception for a PLO operative. They may hide this video, and someday burn books at a "fair speech" gathering, but their attempt at containment of this information is leaky. According to a reliable source, Obama riled the audience up with a toast, saying “Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine” plus there’s been “genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis.” There are multiple blogging sites that in the past have been extremely careful to not jump to conclusions prematurely, and they weigh above statements as reliable and accurate.

On election day there will be a surprise from New York, and speaking of Jews that do not represent the New York Jewish communities or American interests, I strongly encourage to send Chuckie to the unemployment line.


Anonymous said...

Passionate, opinionated writing.
The author jumps at conclusions, logic is spotty.
Millions of American Jews will vote democratic in this presidential election,
to call them all 'self-hating' is disingenuous.

Ex-Dissident said...

Thank you for the comment, but your mathematical skills reveal your liberal agenda.

There are approximately 6.4 million Jews. Americans younger than 18 are ineligible to vote and they account for almost 30% of the American Jewish population; this leaves 4.48 million eligible Jewish voters. Each election cycle, approximately 1/2 of the eligible voters actually cast their ballots; this predicts 2.24 million Jewish votes. The latest poll among Jewish voters, indicates that approximately 60% plan to vote for Obama and 35% for McCain. Even if the poll numbers were not inflated you are talking about a potential of 1.34 million Jewish votes. My point is that these polls are inflated towards the left candidates due observer bias, as well as selection bias, and that the Jewish vote for Obama will be far less than predicted.

Anonymous said...
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JewsForObama said...
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Ex-Dissident said...

While I welcome comments, please stop posting entire articles from other sources in the comments section.