Friday, December 2, 2016

Economic Terrorist.

A recent post at WND delves into the current effort to take down Breitbart. 

The names associated with the cloaked user known as "Sleeping Giants" are closely linked with Obama. I don't know if this is a new role for Obama to damage American economy or if these are his associates following orders from Soros. I don't think this is initiated by Clintons because they were mostly about selling influence rather than disrupting economy. This has the flavor of a true radicalized commie; seems to fit into Obama style disruption well. Saving this country will not be easy with so many embedded enemies.

Too bad about 3M - I use their products often. Kellogg is easy to avoid as their cereals would only make it to the table if I went out of my way to buy them. Still, this list is an attack on Trump and this country: it really is an act of war.

Boycotting all these companies will hurt numerous Americans and that path seems wrong to me. The CEO's won't care as much as the factory worker about these companies failing. To fight back effectively, we need to out the real enemies here and make it personal. Let the CEO's explain themselves to the factory workers they will be laying off, because they were bullied into declaring 1/2 of this country as unworthy of their medications, office products, and cereal. Cut the stings on their parachutes and perhaps some will come to their senses. There should be a provision in the contract about directly sabotaging the companies they represent.