Friday, August 27, 2010

Enjoying the weather.

Reading through a post on Malkin's site today, I was directed towards a photo of Barrack Obama biking on his latest vacation. Someone in the comments section linked to a photo of GWB biking and it is worthwhile to look at both these photos together.

Notice in the photo above: the inappropriate tight fitting jeans, bell bottoms that will either get stuck on the pedals or pick up grease from the chain, and the ill-fitting helmet. I am surprised not to see training wheels on Obama's bike.

For comparison, look at Bush. Here is someone dressed for the occasion and ready to handle the roughest path.

I feel compelled to say that there has been progress in Obama's biking ventures.

Bellow is a photo of Obama as a presidential candidate, and you can clearly see that unlike in this particular photo, during the Martha's Vineyard ride, someone inflated the tires for him.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Obama finally finds his church.

(Photo shamelessly pilfered from wolf howling, who had already copied it from American Digest.)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Muslims, Politicians, and Progressives Don't Comprehend.

It is true that in America we hold the freedom of expression as our basic human and inalienable right. We view this right as our gift from God - as testimony of the pact between us and our creator when He gave us the freedom to live our lives as we see fit.

Some people like to make the statement: "I will defend your right to say that which I disagree with." They then apply this statement to the idea of building a mosque at the destroyed WTC site. We are expected to answer this call in the same way.

The problem with the above analogy is that while you may have the right to try to dance on a grave, I will not condone your dancing on top of a grave. Specifically in the case of building a mosque at ground zero, I feel a closeness to those who were murdered there rather than the murderers. In a way, we as Americans feel that it is our grave-site.

So, the simple answer is: no, I will not fight for, nor will I agree to your "right" to dance on my grave-site. What sort of person would even ask for something like that? Are you listening to the voices that make up 70% of the country, mayor Bloomberg? We may just terminate your contract early.

The other point that seems to escape our enlightened politicians, is that we do not want to dig our own graves and line up in front of them. We are at war. 9/11 was an act of war. The building of a mosque at that site is a victory for the islamists that attacked us on 9/11. They still want to kill us. Why does the enlightened political class assume that we aspire to be the sacrificial lambs in their hope for the collaborators to be slaughtered last?

Lastly, I will address the progressives and for this purpose, I will quote Chris Muir: "Do not mistake your cowardice with conviction, or syntax with sensibility." The progressive's true nature is obvious to the rest of us.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Desecration of the WTC site: 9/11 mosque or simply another attack on America.

There was a notable article by Dorothy Rabinowitz at the Wall Street Journal today. The article discusses the disconnect between our enlightened elites and mainstream Americans, and the fact that these elites lack a common sense shared by most Americans. Here is a quote from the article I wish to share with you.

"Here was an idea we have been hearing more and more of lately—the need to show the world America's devotion to democracy and justice, also cited by the administration as a reason to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City. Who is it, we can only wonder, that requires these proofs?"

Do read the entire article here.

Please think about the above quote for a minute. Who does America need to convince that it is a just and moral country? The dictators in the Middle East? Russia's Putin? Perhaps we need to convince the likes of Hugo Chavez?

Or, perhaps the problem lies with the ones who make such assertions about Americans needing to sacrifice their good sense and placate the ones who celebrate our tragedy. Maybe the folks who propose such strategies are themselves ashamed of our country and our people. Do they view this country through the eyes of our enemies because that is the company they've surrounded themselves with?

One fact should be obvious to the locally elected officials. The proposal of building a mosque so close to Ground Zero is going to be extremely painful for many of this city's residents. I would venture a guess that this is a painful ordeal for not only most of NY residents, but for the overwhelming majority of our entire country. It is not only the resentment that this act will bring out in most Americans. This rubbing of salt into still raw wounds will create an angry population and severely disrupt the peace in our city. This fact alone should be sufficient grounds for moving the mosque to a different location. It is strange that something so obvious escapes these officials.

What do they believe will happen? Is it so difficult to predict that at some point the struggle over the building of this mosque will turn violent? The subjection of this city to further violence is the exact result sought by many radical Muslims who war against America. Based on recent reports of politically motivated acts of violence, I predict that initial strike will come from someone on the left seeking to show their contempt for the conservative right. Or perhaps it will be another Muslim trying to prove his worth and follow in the footsteps of Mohammed.

From a historical point of view, the desecration of graveyards never goes unanswered. If one believes in the divine, then the answer as to why such acts result in tragedy is obvious.

The World Trade Center site is a graveyard. No sensible person would try to build a shrine to the ones who turned this place into a graveyard, at this site. And, no sensible politician should condone such actions.

Attempts to build a mosque at this site is, in the eyes of most Americans, another act of violence by radical Muslims directed against this country. A word of advice to the current mayor of NYC regarding his contemplation of what to do with the WTC site: this sacred ground belongs to all Americans and you better start listening to them.