Friday, August 27, 2010

Enjoying the weather.

Reading through a post on Malkin's site today, I was directed towards a photo of Barrack Obama biking on his latest vacation. Someone in the comments section linked to a photo of GWB biking and it is worthwhile to look at both these photos together.

Notice in the photo above: the inappropriate tight fitting jeans, bell bottoms that will either get stuck on the pedals or pick up grease from the chain, and the ill-fitting helmet. I am surprised not to see training wheels on Obama's bike.

For comparison, look at Bush. Here is someone dressed for the occasion and ready to handle the roughest path.

I feel compelled to say that there has been progress in Obama's biking ventures.

Bellow is a photo of Obama as a presidential candidate, and you can clearly see that unlike in this particular photo, during the Martha's Vineyard ride, someone inflated the tires for him.

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Rose said...

LOL, between this and the comparison of the baseball pitch - brings new meaning to "Miss Me yet?"