Monday, February 5, 2018

Clinton's Old Tricks

What and amazing web was weaved by the Clintons and their friends.  Apparently an associate of the Clintons - Cody Shearer, who years ago fabricated a smear campaign against Dan Quayle just prior to Bill's election, may be the actual author of the Steele dossier. There were troubling details in the Steele Dossier that questioned its authorship. Grammatical errors which should never have been made by a man who attended Cambridge and wrote for its publication. That article from American Thinker suggested that parts of this dossier were written by Russian spies who had a good grasp of English but still made odd errors that were typical of someone that grew up outside of England. Now, it has emerged that the same Cody Shearer and who has no intelligence background in Russia but ample background in creating political smears, has written similar allegations about Trump that were mentioned in the Steele dossier. Also, it seems that Shearer's work predates the release of Steele's assertions. This interesting piece of the puzzle explains why the FBI is so reluctant to disclose details regarding the author of the infamous dossier. It will be ever more embarrassing for the FBI to reveal that fabrications in the Steele dossier used to obtain the FISA warrant, were the products of a someone who previously ran a smear campaign against another Clinton opponent.  Investigation of that campaign of lies never gained much ground because Clinton won the election back then.

At this point, my theory of events is as follows: Clintons needed to kneecap Trump and turned to their old friend - Cody Shearer. He then created a bizarre narrative of Trump's sexual encounters with Russian hookers. This information was given to Steele for editing and to make it more credible as it would now be coming from a reputable spy. Steele got paid for attaching himself to this false narrative. This explains why a spy would then leak this information to the media so carelessly. There was a need to show that allegations come from a James Bond type character and not some petty crook with a wild imagination from Arkansas. High ranking members of the FBI worked alongside the Clintons and used these allegations to allow the Clintons to spy on their political opponent during the campaign and later to try and reverse the election results. They did not learn much from all the wiretaps and that may explain Strozk's comment: "There is no there, there".  Now the FBI is desperately trying to suppress all these details. If only Clinton had won like in 1992, none of these would have ever come to light. I am sure many of these actors behave as they do because they still have not fully acknowledged the fact that Clinton lost and their carelessness will not be so easy to cover up this time.

The above was clearly put together and explained much better than I could by Daniel Greenfield. Read it for yourself.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Newest Victim Group.


Democrats and liberals to begin campaigning for rights of the ugly in 2018.

[deleted pics of ugly democrats - they were too ugly]

Conservatives better check their attractive privilege at the door!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The memo that Americans cannot see.

Why the delay? Maybe it is a publicity stunt to make everyone in the world crazy desirous to read it. Maybe this is the center of the battle for America's future.

Latest news report is that Trump did not sign off on this memo and instead sent it back to House Intel committee for further editing. So we may never see the original memo that turned Democrats and swamp creatures into berserkers.

I am so surprised that with all the leaks witnessed over the past decades, there is no leaked memo for all to see. Perhaps it takes more than some news outlet obtaining a copy; it also takes for a willing recipient to publish it.

In sum, I am ready to be disappointing.