Sunday, November 29, 2009

Department of injustice.

I don't recall hearing a single news item that involves attorney general Holder, where he brought something beneficial to our society. Lets recap: "America is a nation of cowards", prosecution of CIA agents, arranging for war criminals to be prosecuted in civilian courts, granting terrorists from abroad the rights of American citizens, defending ACORN,...

These are only a small sample of acts he has used to smear this country with shit.

There is only one reason that Khalid Sheik Mohammed is being brought to NY for a trial in civilian court. It is to place the Bush administration on trial. It is to wag his finger at Bush, the CIA, the FBI, and say that they did something improper. It doesn't seem to matter to this trash, that terrorists already celebrate this move as a victory. It will not matter to him if Americans are killed because of how he has weakened our defense. American soldiers have been recently murdered on US soil, and he is just getting warmed up.

This afternoon I read at Big Government, that Holder has cleared the way for ACORN to once again receive federal funds. Strange, that a criminal organization has such backing from the federal government. In my mind I scream: This is outrageous. How dare he!

After a moment of rage, I realize that Holder is just a smoke screen. He is nothing but a dog on a leash. The blame must be directed at Obama. I blame him for the murder of 14 Americans at Fort Hood. We must remove this treasonous bastard from office.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Like many conservative Americans, I was disappointed with the results from Northern NY. The polls predicted a narrow victory by the Conservative party candidate- Doug Hoffman, but this did not happen. Whenever an unexpected outcome emerges, we must reflect on this experience. It is important that we learn from our mistakes. Trust me, many serious people in the Republican party have already learned from this lesson.

Equally important when faced with a surprising result, is that we should also scrutinize the validity of that outcome. Looking at election data from district 23, an obvious irregularity jumps out. This was the lowest voter turnout for that county, in many years. Only 1/2 of the voters were present as compared with most of this decade's other years. The only voter turnout anywhere near the number of this years count, was when they had a single unopposed candidate. Perhaps, this is explained by it being an off year election. However, the fact that this race was so publicized and had a national following seems incongruous with such a low voter turnout. I hate the idea of wasting funds on wild goose chases, but a preliminary small scale examination might be in order.

Is there a silver lining here? I think so. Hoffman exposed a disingenuous politician and saved Conservatives and Republicans from another backstabbing embarrassment such as Olympia Snow. Scozzafava was no moderate Republican; she was a saboteur, a cheat, and a scandal in waiting. If she were elected, the Republican party would be far worse off. I sincerely hope that the Republican leadership learns from this fiasco.

I am also not convinced that the candidate who was elected in NY23 is a lost cause. He is an Air Force captain, a business leader, and appears to be a social conservative. His support of the union card check initiative is clearly misguided. However, just think how many of us were once readers of NYT and believed in socialist fantasies. Fortunately we read, conversed, and learned to think independently. There are many around us who still parrot mindlessly-the talking heads of the MSM and Hollywood celebrities are good examples, but I don't have any reason to think that Bill Owens is such a man. Perhaps we can provide him with literature and good conversation so that he can see through the Democrat (Socialist) party lies. He describes himself as a conservative, let him show it through his voting record. On the other hand, if he proves himself to be another Pelosified drone, he need not bother unpacking when he gets to Washington. He should not count on much help from fellow Democrats since Pelosi believes that her Democratic congressmen are very expendable, and very soon we will witness every rat for himself mentality as her ship sinks.

Politicians, let election 2009 serve as a serious warning to you. The conservative movement is here and it has emerged as a major force in all political parties. You will be closely watched and held accountable for your actions.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election day 2009. (Updated once more)

I went and performed my civic duty this morning. My immediate observation was that I recognized the people at the voting station as being from my neighborhood. This was not the case in 2008, when there were so many people who excitedly stood in line and conversed mostly in non-English languages. I guess that this time, ACORN was not as influential in my neighborhood. We shall see what happens in other districts but if this trend continues, I mean that people at the voting booths will actually be those who live in those neighborhoods, I predict a conservative landslide. That is the most common denominator of the American citizenry and that should have been evident during election of 2008. Just imagine what could be accomplished if ACORN and its affiliates are no longer funded by money stolen from American taxpayers.

Update: 8PM Eastern Time Nov 3rd, 2009.

The election results are slowly starting to come in.

According to polls at Real Clear Politics, Virginia had the Republican candidate ahead by 10-15 points. Now Virginia board of elections has just released their unofficial results with the Republican candidate 21 points ahead. Lets see how well my prediction holds.

Update #2.

Within important races in NJ and Virginia conservative candidates did extremely well - better than the polls predicted.

Obviously NY23 was disappointing, but Hoffman should be credited with his tremendous effort to take on corrupt party bosses and disingenuous political candidates. Just by running to oppose Scozzafava, he gained us a victory on many levels:

1. The eventual winner of this race is more conservative than Scozzafava.
2. We have been saved from another disgrace like Snow.
3. The conservative movement has been validated as a formidable power in this country.

I will post more of my thoughts on this race later.