Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election day 2009. (Updated once more)

I went and performed my civic duty this morning. My immediate observation was that I recognized the people at the voting station as being from my neighborhood. This was not the case in 2008, when there were so many people who excitedly stood in line and conversed mostly in non-English languages. I guess that this time, ACORN was not as influential in my neighborhood. We shall see what happens in other districts but if this trend continues, I mean that people at the voting booths will actually be those who live in those neighborhoods, I predict a conservative landslide. That is the most common denominator of the American citizenry and that should have been evident during election of 2008. Just imagine what could be accomplished if ACORN and its affiliates are no longer funded by money stolen from American taxpayers.

Update: 8PM Eastern Time Nov 3rd, 2009.

The election results are slowly starting to come in.

According to polls at Real Clear Politics, Virginia had the Republican candidate ahead by 10-15 points. Now Virginia board of elections has just released their unofficial results with the Republican candidate 21 points ahead. Lets see how well my prediction holds.

Update #2.

Within important races in NJ and Virginia conservative candidates did extremely well - better than the polls predicted.

Obviously NY23 was disappointing, but Hoffman should be credited with his tremendous effort to take on corrupt party bosses and disingenuous political candidates. Just by running to oppose Scozzafava, he gained us a victory on many levels:

1. The eventual winner of this race is more conservative than Scozzafava.
2. We have been saved from another disgrace like Snow.
3. The conservative movement has been validated as a formidable power in this country.

I will post more of my thoughts on this race later.


Anonymous said...

Let's see if the time bears out your predictions.
What were the races in your neighborhood?

Ex-Dissident said...

It will be an interesting night.

Anonymous said...

Election 2009 Conclusions,
from volokh.com

Four Obvious Lessons from Tonight’s Elections

Orin Kerr • November 4, 2009 12:41 am

I think there are four obvious lessons to draw from tonight’s election returns:

1. For Conservative Republicans: The America people reject Barack Obama and obviously want true conservative leadership. The Governorships of two states have switched to the “R” category, showing a grassroots conservative movement that is alive and well.

2. For Moderate Republicans: The American people obviously want old-fashioned economic conservatives who are moderate on social issues. McDonnell in Virginia and Christie in New Jersey won by downplaying social issues; Hoffman in New York-23 lost because he was too extreme.

3. For Moderate Democrats: The party out of power usually does well in off-year elections like this, and this year was no exception. But obviously there is no sign of any substantial shift in public opinion from the election of 2008.

4. For Liberal Democrats: NY-23 was the race to watch this year, given that right-wing extremists like Palin and Beck threw all their support behind Hoffman. But the district voters rejected the right-wing candidate, sending a Democrat to Congress for the first time in one hundred years. Obviously this shows that the American people reject right-wing extremism.


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Ex-Dissident said...

you may want to cover your ears and scream but you don't understand the concept of extremism. Palin is by no means an extremist and prior to resignation was a very popular governor. Your view of America and Americans is severely distorted, and a likely result of being brainwashed through years of reading propaganda rags like NYT and WAPO. Keep parroting and see if you are any better off a year from now.

Anonymous said...

How in the world do you interpret my cross-posting of a comment by Orin Kerr as a sign that I do not understand what extremism is and that I have been brainwashed?
Orin Kerr is a well known GWU law professor, he had been described as 'conservative-leaning', and is a regular contributor to Eugene Volokh's conservative law blog.
His point here is that different political groups will draw different 'obvious' conclusions from this election.

Ex-Dissident said...

Anon, your background became obvious as soon as you wrote. You just can't see this because you live surrounded by MSM fog. What you view as the real world, is nothing but a liberal delusion. And by liberal I don't mean a classic liberal in the form of our founding fathers, but rather a modern dummy who drives a prius and smells his own farts while fantasizing that he is actually saving the world. Who else but a flaming socialist would call Palin a right wing extremist? You throw around such words without even a mild comprehension of the world around you. Why don't you send this blog URL to fishy.gov and pat yourself on the back for performing your patriotic duty-informing on those whose ideas you don't understand. The reason you cannot comprehend them, is because you have been brainwashed into a mindless drone.

Anonymous said...

Take care.

Rose said...

It's going to get really interesting.