Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blogs Worth Reading

First on the list, is another gem from Sultan Knish.

 We snicker at fools who took the Mayan apocalypse seriously, but people who would never hide out in a basement because of some ancient prophecy listen to media buffoons drawing up lists of what parts of the world will be underwater in ten years or twenty and take the whole ridiculous thing seriously.

Read the rest  here.

For a great read on Christmas, go to Wolf Howling.

These above, are 2 fine reads on this 2nd day of Christmas. To all my Christian friends, Merry Christmas.  To the fools celebrating Kwanzaa, the first link depicts your company very well. If you don't change your ways, you will burn painfully in Hell.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

End of the World, 2012. Updated.


I predict that I'll wake up and go to work, just like every other day of the week.  See you all tomorrow.


It's been postponed.

Money Question

Would you buy a car from any of these characters?

Would you really?

-Inspired by a comment at Wolf Howling.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


The contemptible Eric Holder recently opened his maggot ridden orifice and the stench that emerged from it, questioned our freedoms; specifically he wants to talk about our gun rights. This is from the same accessory to countless murders in Mexico - the filth that armed Mexican drug lords during Fast and Furious.

His boss - Obama, armed and arms jihadists and terrorists in North Africa. Remember Benghazi? The American embassy was also rendered a virtual gun free zone by this atrocity of a government. Holder, why don't you talk to the family of ambassador Stevens about the ambassador's disarmed security detail.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragic Day

There is evil in this world and we must protect ourselves from it. Some are calling for a ban on private gun ownership in this country.  These folks should be reminded that in Israel, the Palestinian terrorist would like nothing better than a disarmed and helpless Israeli parent.  However, out of necessity, that will never be the case. While in this country such crimes are perpetrated by a lone psychopath and thankfully such people are rare, in Israel they have millions of blood thirsty murderers waiting for their chance to kill a child.

Here is what a real deterrent to such tragedy looks like.

Hat tip to Joan.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Staff Meeting 2012

I sat through an hour of bloviations by various administrators about how the new health care law will impact our industry.  As I looked around the room and watched the faces of my fellow workhorses, they appeared disconnected from one another and from this room. They were either thinking of problems they were haunted by at work or problems they are yet to face at home.  I guess most of us need an escape during these times.

The message from administration was pretty simple: more work and less hay, giddy-up. The funny thing is that the same administrators who tell us to make do with less, have been looting us for years. They spent and keep spending millions of dollars on useless projects that are run by their friends and school dropout relatives.

The head honcho gave a short speech about how he had to duck out from another important meeting because he was "axed" to come here and grace us with his presence, and how happy he is to see some of the old faces again.  We were told to count our blessings but that some of us may need to be fired in the near future because there is just not enough money to offer all the services our hospital offers to this neighborhood. Weird: every offered service is a money drain.

One of the changes we're told to expect is that patient satisfaction will be tied to our reimbursement; that is if patients do not rate our hospital highly enough, our reimbursement will be cut by 7%.  On the surface it seems like a reasonable plan. However, that surface becomes very quickly tainted if one ponders the ramifications of this system being applied to the county hospital.

Every county hospital cares for a population of pissed off, poorly educated, non-compliant, and self destructive psychopaths if compared to the group usually seen in a nice private hospital.  These folks will complain no matter how well they are treated and the hospital will have to cut the available services. The doctors will be wise to get the hell out of there as soon as they're able. The residents will still get their training there, because you can save a lot with slave labor.

I guess that this game has been going on for years, and obamacare is just the latest installment. Just another way to loot us. Why should you be concerned about something that is specific to my specific institution? Because, it's not just health care. It is every industry in America.  Al Gore's carbon credits will also become the law of the land.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Meaning of Chanukah

Over 2,000 years ago the Jews were subjugated by a tyrant. Antiochus the IVth, ruler of the Seleucid empire, looted the Temple and installed a statue of Zeus there.  For a time, many Jews went along with these changes. Judaism was outlawed and people were instructed to pray to Zeus. Antiochus banned circumcision and ordered for the slaughter of pigs to be done in the Temple. Eventually, people rebelled and to the surprise of many, they were successful in ousting the Seleucid Greeks. The Temple was cleaned up and, according to the stories, only one non-defiled jar of oil was recovered. That oil was used for lighting the Shabbat lamp and rather than burning one night, it burned for 8 days and nights. This is the miracle of lights, and we've been partying in memory of that event ever since. It was proof that God didn't forsake us.

The moral of the story is, God helps those who help themselves.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Scary Employment Numbers

While various news outlets tout the decrease of unemployment number to 7.7 in an effort to pat Obama and each other for a job well done, the details of November unemployment numbers reveal something truly frightening.  The breakdown according to ages shows that older Americans are going back work and cannot afford to retire, while the 24-54 age group are being booted out of the workforce. Look at the image below: jobs gained were in the 54-69 age group while there was a huge loss of jobs in the age younger age group.

What are all these 20, 30, and 40 somethings going to do with their time? They cannot afford to start a family or to maintain one. They cannot pay back their student loans. They might just start tearing up the place.  Read the full article here.