Thursday, January 31, 2013

Must Read for the 2014 Elections

Is winning the argument enough? It wasn't in 2012, and it will not be in 2014.  Some think that Obama's economic failures will guarantee Republican victory in 2014, but what economic accomplishments did he manage during his 1st term?  Our enemies, and they are enemies of America, have already started their campaign. They are testing scenarios in sophisticated simulators, they are directing propaganda through the MSM, and their financials are far better than ours. Still feel optimistic about elections?

Read the whole article at American Thinker.

Strange Weather Today.

All night it sounded like a hurricane was storming outside my window. This morning, I woke up and looked at the way the trees were swaying and this weather looks about as bad as it did during hurricane Sandy. The local TV channel predicts wind gusts up to 65 mi/h and sustained winds of 35 mi/h; there are the similar flood warnings.  These are the same conditions we encountered by the time Sandy managed to arrive in NYC, but there are no storm warnings, no school closings, no travel advisories, etc,..   What's going on?

I guess wind pattern is different in that it is not a tight circular spin, so perhaps the storm surge won't be as bad.  Still, this weather is pretty dangerous and it looks like mayor Bloomberg's  handlers haven't prepared anything worthwhile to say. I hope he doesn't get caught with his pants down again, just like during the snow storm 2 years ago.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Peace In Our Time.

Obama used this infamous phrase during his recent inauguration speech. Interestingly, has a story about the very real possibility of war in the South China Sea.

Who will China take on, since America no longer seems to pose a credible deterrent against anyone aiming to attack its allies? Will it be Vietnam, Japan, or some other nation? Middle East is in flames, and it looks like the Far East will soon experience some of that Obama peace. 

Then the West...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Celebrity Liars. (Updated)

Personally I don't care about either of them and they do not affect my life. Nevertheless, this cartoon was so funny that I had to re-post it from Townhall cartoons.

On  related note...