Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009


The other day, I came across an incredible performer on YouTube. With all the doom and gloom around us, it is worthwhile to occasionally take a break and experience something remarkably beautiful.

There are several ways that a human being can achieve immortality. One way is through having children. Another way is through creating something beautiful.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Depravity in Baltimore.

This morning I learned on Michelle Malkin's site, that the district attorney (DA) of the city of Baltimore is planning to prosecute two reporters who exposed ACORN employees. These employees were caught using tax funds to promote tax fraud and help establish a child prostitution ring within the community. How is that for a government funded community service organization?

During my recent reading about Ted Kennedy, I realized that morals and integrity have very little place in politics, especially among the Democratic party. He tried to make deals with the KGB and compromised American security, simply to hurt Reagan's chances of being elected. He managed to change the state constitution to prevent a Republican governor from being able to appoint a replacement for a senator. On his deathbed, he tried to convince state legislators to once again change the constitution, just so that a Democratic governor could now appoint his replacement. Rules seemed to have little meaning in his world - anything and everything just to get his way. He really personified the pigs from the book Animal Farm - that some were more equal than others. If rules meant nothing, then ideology and personal association meant everything.

If the Baltimore DA decided to prosecute these reporters for wiretap charges and tries exempt them from the protection normally afforded to whistle-blowers, the press, and people who actually do a beneficial public service such as good samaritans, then this DA is in fact defending and promoting government corruption. In this particular case, the DA would also defend child prostitution and the frequently associated human trafficking and slavery. This will not be a defence of laws which apply to all citizens, as no such prosecution was pursued when a bystander taped Rodney King being beaten by the highway police. What defense would a court offer for recording governor Blagovich and his wife, but prosecuting reporters for recording criminal activity at ACORN offices? This would be a clear political assault on all American citizens.

If we have no right to defend our community from such crimes as child prostitution and child slavery, then this government cannot be reasoned with. The main reason that human beings gather into communities is so that we can protect one another. Our main goal in life is to raise our children. Without children, human kind has no future. If the government has become so deranged in their priorities so to deny protection for the children of our community, then only course left shall be a bloody violent revolt. This time in human history may yet become Biblical.

Friday, September 11, 2009

8:48 AM

Seems like yesterday. I was sitting near a window and BOOM. As I looked outside, the sky was littered with papers. On my watch, the time was 8:48 AM. I ran downstairs and saw bewildered and horrified people walking along the streets. Soon, everything was covered in ash. I thought to myself: what is this ash? Now, I know. It was the remains of 3000 murdered and burned Americans. I remember what burned human flesh smells like. One woman stumbling in the middle of the street, was covered in blood. She was hit by the falling debris and survived. Many however, died. Fire Engine 6 lost 4 men; they were good people. We used to greet each other when I passed by the station - a rarity in NYC.

Paul Beyer

Thomas Holohan

William Johnston

Thomas O'Hagan.

"They're all dead." These were the words of an injured firefighter who lay on a stretcher near me. He told me that as the wall fell, all those in front of that wall died. He was the only one left behind alive. It is possible that his name was Bill Green. I hope you are well Bill.

Remember NY

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Soul of Acorn.

Nice to see who this organizer associates with, and the workforce he helped create.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The dishonorable American presidency.

I have been hearing rumblings on the radio that several senators have read Obama's scheduled speech to the schools. These politicians say that it is a speech worthy to be heard and that there is nothing offensive in it. They say it is benign, but I would rather judge for myself.

So let's consider the questions the teachers will direct towards our school children.

Q: Why is it important that we listen to the president?

A: Because all my teachers say it is important and I don't want to be the subject of their anger.

Q: What is the president trying to tell me?

A: The only things that come out of the mouth from that horse, are:

1. It is Bush's fault.
2. The "rich" are bad people. (Some variation on Marxist propaganda about class warfare.)
3. I won and I am the president.

Q: What is the president asking me to do?

A: This president wants to recruit me to join his army and to fight these evil people, be they my parents, friends, or other exploiters of the entitled class.

Students, feel free to use these answers on your quiz.

There is another aspect to this story that reeks. Why does this president wish to give a widely televised speech now? Because his approval rating has dropped and his office or perpetual campaign need to boost those numbers. Recall his visit to Iraq so that he could get his photo op? This is another orchestrated photo op. I am certain that MSM will fawn over his didactic prowess. I am certain that he will be praised from one dumpster to another.
Who else recently used such a photo op to give themselves an aura of legitimacy? Why it was the unelected Iranian - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Recall his address to the students of Columbia University?

Well there you have it folks. Another two-bit dictator wanna be, wishes to impress the people of this world by appearing on camera and lecturing students. Aren't you all glad that your kids will be props in the next Obama infomercial? Won't this make him more credible as a world leader? His dishonor will be forgotten.

If this doesn't work, maybe the UN can declare him a world hero of something or other. Or perhaps he will receive the presidential award for being teacher of the year. That is a common and well rehearsed practice of two-bit dictators. They decorate themselves to obscure their crimes against their countrymen; to hide their dishonor.

Unwarranted Trust.

I realize that we cannot protect our children from crooks, thieves, and other criminals forever. I realize that there are difficult lessons our children will need to learn on their own. However, it would be irresponsible to ask your 5 year old to pay the bills and balance the checkbook. When they have grown up, they will do such tasks and most likely do them well. But first they need to grow up. Forcing young immature kids, to listen to a "pure political animal" is not appropriate. Having them prepare essays on why his speech is so important, is not appropriate. It doesn't matter if his words are innocuous, insidious, or hateful. This should not be forced upon us. Why should he be trusted anyway? What does his record show us? It has been a sustained history of crooked deals, lies, and schemes to rob us. No thank you. Go and lecture your own kids, and stay away from mine.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A welcome to the class of 2009.

I recall the tale of another community organizer who first took care of the rats, and later wanted to converse with the town's children.

The Democrats are drowning, as the policies of Obama's administration become better known and the backgrounds of his associates are exposed.

Why so serious?