Friday, September 11, 2009

8:48 AM

Seems like yesterday. I was sitting near a window and BOOM. As I looked outside, the sky was littered with papers. On my watch, the time was 8:48 AM. I ran downstairs and saw bewildered and horrified people walking along the streets. Soon, everything was covered in ash. I thought to myself: what is this ash? Now, I know. It was the remains of 3000 murdered and burned Americans. I remember what burned human flesh smells like. One woman stumbling in the middle of the street, was covered in blood. She was hit by the falling debris and survived. Many however, died. Fire Engine 6 lost 4 men; they were good people. We used to greet each other when I passed by the station - a rarity in NYC.

Paul Beyer

Thomas Holohan

William Johnston

Thomas O'Hagan.

"They're all dead." These were the words of an injured firefighter who lay on a stretcher near me. He told me that as the wall fell, all those in front of that wall died. He was the only one left behind alive. It is possible that his name was Bill Green. I hope you are well Bill.

Remember NY

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