Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recovery Update #2.

Market down 280 today. That's some recovery.

Summer of Recovery. Updated.

From the WSJ:

"The U.S. manufacturing sector slowed sharply in May, according to ISM data. Meanwhile, private businesses added just 38,000 jobs in May, ADP reported, as large companies cut workers."

Today, from 10 to 11 am, Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 150 points. Gold went vertically up because many believe that fiats now have less value than they did 1 hour ago. There is talk about QE3 because right now the only thing keeping US alive is its ability to print dollars. It is also the same policy that is killing us. Weird huh.

Our productive industries are decimated. Thanks Obama for all that hope and shit.

By the time I finished writing this paragraph, Dow Jones went down another 30 points to a net down of 180.

(Update) Below is an apartment complex where Obama got his organizing experience. Read the article here.