Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Back to Egypt.

As the fog of wishful thinking clears, reality shows a very grim picture.

Please read the Islamization of Egypt at the Atlass Shruggs blog.

1. Aman Nour (the Egyptian opposition leader) declared that the peace treaty with Israel is over.

2. An islamist judge will head the committee to create the new Egyptian constitution.

3. According to Bishop Marcos of the Coptic Church, "The army seems to have made some sort of deal with the Muslim Brotherhood."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

True face of evil.

This is the face of an Austrian judge who declared that an Austrian citizen was guilty of denigrating Islam because she "falsely" called Mohammed a pedophile. According to this ignorant judge, a pedophile is someone who primarily craves sex with children and Mohammed was not such a person. Her argument: That the particular perp in question ,aside from having sex with a 9 year old, prepubescent child, was able to continually rape her till the ripe age of 18 and that he also had sex with older women. What an absurd statement from someone too lazy to consider what such a judgement might mean for all prepubescent girls in Austria. This means that anyone can be cleared from the crime of pedophilia so long as they claim that their sexual exploits is not solely limited to children but to adults as well. This stupid judge just made it very difficult to prosecute people who rape children in Austria.

That is the true face of evil. Too lazy and too stupid to think. Too arrogant to listen. She harms the people around her without even realizing it; perhaps she doesn't even care.

As Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff said: "Today is a sad day for my young daughter and for all other young girls."

To save what's left of our civilization, we must free ourselves from the rule of such lazy, ignorant, arrogant fools. We must not allow them to remain in positions of power. We must rebuild our schools so that such inept individuals will not be promoted into positions of power.

God help us.

Please read more about this travesty at the Gates of Vienna blog.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quick solutions to multiculturalism and its ill effects on national unity.

We should make today a national holiday. All adult males should be expected to drink beer and eat meat. Of course, everyone must watch the Super Bowl; anything else is un-American and subversive. No excuses.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Insiders View: The War Inside Egypt.

The following is an excellent chronological first person account of the current unrest in Egypt.

Egyptian Revolution

As the author attests: at this time the Egyptian middle class are protecting their homes and families. The people out in the street are waging Jihad. Please read this above link in its entirety.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Egyptian Street.

When I first learned of the protests in Egypt, my immediate reaction was - why now? Here are some very thoughtful analyses of the state of Egypt and the dangers ahead.

Caroline Glick's analysis.

GW's excellent post.

Gates of Vienna post

I've seen photos of the protesters, and they look like jihadis. This is not the repeat of Iran's Green revolution. Many of these demonstrators are fueled by Jihad. This is very dangerous and it will only get worse.