Sunday, April 3, 2011

Burn Them All.

Today I watched a video of an American general condemn, in the strongest possible terms, a pastor from Florida for this pastor's recent demonstration of free speech. He burned a book. For some the Koran is holy wisdom, for others it is something evil.

I understand that this general has the responsibility to protect his soldiers from harm. I do not understand his abandonment of the oath he swore to protect the constitution and the people of this nation. Just imagine how many of our soldiers would have been saved if every officer captured by enemy forces would make speeches denouncing fellow Americans and American values.......Not many.

Does general Petraeus now believe that it has become his goal to oversee our surrender? To submit our nation to foreign psychopathy and social pathology?

Below is an image of an Iranian burning the Koran in protest, reposted from the Jawa report.

Keep burning them until these psychopathic bastards get used to this idea. And if they don't learn how to behave like civilized human beings, burn them all.

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