Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Approaching Collapse.

Earlier today while visiting a friend, I made a comment about us being just a small step away from lawless chaos. The other visitors there, said they agreed with me but also thought it important to not become one of the crazies who scream "REPENT" and carry signs such as "The End is Near" (see comments by Rick).

I am sure that many of us who frequent each others' conservative blogs, share these uncomfortable thoughts. The protests in Madison documented by Ann Althouse, showed us multiple disturbing truths about our current state of the union:

1. Government officials will abandon their duties with little reservation.

2. Police will abandon their responsibilities if that act might benefit them financially. It's not a very long walk from refusing to protect the state capitol from trespassers and sending local private companies extortion threats, to simply robbing you in the middle of the street because they can get away with it. Who are you going to complain to? MSM?

3. The Justice system is in some instances so inept, that they've abandoned the rule of law and have now moved towards the rule of men.

As disturbing as the images of monument desecration by careless and often clueless students and the intimidation of GOP representatives by angry mobs were, a few lines remained that we had not yet crossed. There was still a feeling that we managed to hold on to some civility in our society and although the atmosphere has become much more unstable, businesses could still continue to function. We haven't yet become Greece.

We Americans may not have, but the British have.

See images from a 500,000 strong "anti-capitalist" and "anti-cuts" march through London.

They threw ammonia filled bulbs and fired missiles at the police. A leftist politician glorified these rioters by likening them to anti-apartheid protesters.

Some more, comforting thoughts:

We, in the U.S., are not that far behind.

The Obama, Clinton, and Reid express will get us there faster. I wonder what roles Pelosi and Biden will play on this train.

You can read the entire article associated with above photos at DailyMail.

H/T Althouse.


Yabu (EOTIS) said...

Good post. I agree. We are sailing in troubled waters, for certain.

Anonymous said...

Londoners don't think so. (see the thread)