Sunday, October 6, 2013


Seems like madness to shutdown open air monuments, cemeteries without gates, obstruct roads that pass by Mount Rushmore, and now close access to the ocean. The provocation involving war memorials serves only to anger and humiliate our veterans, as well as those who come to pay their respect to the dead.  Obstructing open road is done primarily to frustrate drivers, and denying access to open ocean serves to hurt those whose lives and livelihoods depend on fishing.

These are disgusting acts that appear to stem from petty and vindictive men, and Obama's history in office prove him as such sort. But what should be said of all those who follow this mad tyrant's orders?  What does one say of the park ranger who confesses “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.”, and yet still follows orders.  What do you say to a police officer that removes Vietnam veterans paying their respect to fallen brothers, from the Memorial Wall through threat of arrest?

Some of our community speak of the fact that it takes far more money to enforce such "closings" than to continue allowing access to open air places.  From the perspective of anyone who sees a government shutdown tied to our fiscal troubles, such actions appear to be the result of madness. This administration has no concern over fiscal sanity or responsible approach to spending our tax money. It has gone to war with Congress over our constitutional provision that Congress has control over the purse-strings.  Can anyone recall a single act from this administration whose purpose was to limit spending?

These are provocations that serve to piss into the face of those branded as the enemies of this administration. They may be an attempt to draw some Americans into acts of violence, so that they can move against us with acts of further violence. Another purpose is to test us just how much insult we are willing to bear. 

The administration's plan is foolish, and my opinion is shared by those who work for the MSM. If you try to find reports of these abusive closings discussed on main stream news outlets, you will find little mentioned.  They realize that such discussions would anger all descent Americans. Andrew Breitbart was good forcing such reporting onto these organs of state propaganda, and now it is up to us all to continue his work.  However, we must also recognize that violent confrontation with Americans on our soil,  is what this administration is craving. We must prepare wisely.

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