Saturday, May 26, 2012

Did Obama Perform Gay Favors for Drugs?

Obama's high school days have recently come under scrutiny and we learn that he was a member of a clique whose main reason for being was to smoke marijuana. Choom is a verb that specifically means to smoke pot.  His yearbook photo basically summarizes what he did throughout high school.

In the caption, Obama gives thanks to his pot-head friends and singles out Ray the drug dealer - interesting. No girlfriend acknowledgement, nothing about his mother but, a drug dealer is prominently thanked. This Ray was a long haired hippie drug dealer, lived in a bus at an abandoned factory, and was eventually murdered by his scorned gay lover.  Now, unless Obama had a steady flow of income to pay for his drugs, there is a good chance that he used alternative methods of payment.  Since it is a fair assumption that he played sports and smoked pot all day long, he probably didn't have much time for work. He still doesn't.  

So, Obama and Ray had some good times....

Q: What sort of man whores himself to other men for drugs? 

Q: Who or what wouldn't he sell out?

We must not allow our country to be subject to his pathological whims any longer. I am not enthusiastic about Romney, but my God, just about anyone will be an improvement over Obama. 

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Rose said...

The Hillbuzz guys are adamant that Obama was a frequent patron of gay establishments. And, having seen so many things that defy imagination with this guy, one can almost thing the "First Gay President" cover was a pre-emptive strike. If the news comes out now, it's old news.

I cannot believe we've got a POThead POTus. And a COKEhead. He's a doper.

That man is no role model for our kids - he has absolutely got to be voted out of office.

Ex-Dissident said...

Rose, just smoking pot in high school during the 1970's wouldn't seem like a very big deal to me. However, there is a whole other level to being a close friend of a middle aged drug dealer. Dedicating his high school year book to a drug dealer is a big deal. Drug dealers are predators.

I used to think that accounts of Obama's gay drug escapades were something to be ignored. These were always cases of someone making claims without any proof. Now I am not so sure.

The level of degradation it takes to get "free drugs" from a drug dealer leaves one very angry and destructive psychopath. Obama has been taking that anger out on this country. Even before 2008, every project he got involved in left a destroyed community.