Monday, March 25, 2013

What's Good for Cyprus, Should be Good for California.

Fuck Hollywood and the California elite.  The rest of us can play this class warfare card too; if it happened in Cyprus, it can happen anywhere. California is bankrupt and to get more federal money, lets trim the fat of every Californian holding their money in a bank. I say, take every penny in accounts that post over the FDIC limit. Then, take every gun out of the hands of people silly enough to keep their money at home. Then get a bowl of popcorn and watch the entertainment.  We won't have to spend millions to see violent action video emerging from that liberal utopia anymore.

Before too long, Hollywood Hills will look like Obama's Chicago project neighborhood or Detroit. Moonbeam. stick your filthy nose into another pile of coke. Your DC drug dealer will only ask for a small  favor in return.

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