Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bank Holiday, Euro style.

This is a wild weekend for those living along the waters of the Mediterranean. On Friday night, some shady Eurozone "officials" began looting deposit accounts of all those holding their money in Cyprus banks. They locked the doors and banned electronic money transfers.  At first ATM cards wouldn't work at all, and when some stores were able to initiate the use of ATM cards, it was only after a 6.75-10 percent theft was applied to each transaction.  Fearing a run on banks, these officials declared that the banks would remain closed, through this weekend and until Tuesday. Now it seems, that they are to remain closed this Tuesday, as well.

According to the latest polls soliciting opinions of those residing in Cyprus, most of the island inhabitants are more upset at the fact that small deposits - those amounting to less than 100k euros, have to be "taxed". They don't mind the taxes being applied to the larger depositors.

Well folks, looks like we have a working model for looting the rest of that pseudocontinent, and the other continents too. Steal from everyone, and drum up class warfare rhetoric.  Come to think of it, this theft is already well on its way here.  It just hasn't yet gotten so blatant, as it did in Cyprus this weekend.

I wonder when Washington DC will declare an American bank holiday?

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