Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Future Democratic Party Character.

"The coalitions that the left built up to consolidate its rule are being hijacked and used by the Brotherhood as the building blocks of their rule instead."

The modern Democratic party member  is a big government socialist who tries to micromanage every aspect of your life.  It is that elitist snob who thinks they are better than you and plans to create their perfect world by turning you, the Bible thumping and gun clinging yokels, into unquestioning progressive drones - their mirror images.  They will decide what car you'll be allowed to drive, what you may eat and drink, what you may read, what you may say, and ultimately what you may think.   

This insufferable Marxist drone, being turned out en masse by our ministry of misinformation - the public school system,  will soon become eclipsed by the another breed of thought controlling micro-manager.  This future Democrat will be the jihadist lunatic who wants to rape your sons and daughters and cut off your head, to build his perfect world.   Why will the Democratic party transform into an even uglier beast? Because their current drones display peace signs, walk about in a stuporous daze, and don't reproduce. Their replacements will are sharpening knives, making bombs, and turning out a dozen kids per female. 

Yup, things can get much worse when a child molesting Menendez gets replaced by a child torturing, paranoid, and delusional Abdul Mohamed Al Wacko.  Do you recall the crowd of Arabs that swarmed around and raped Lora Logan in the Egyptian square? That is what the future Democratic party convention will look like.

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