Sunday, March 3, 2013

Why the Freedom Of Speech is Dead in America.

There are many examples, and I will list 3 here.

1. An American from Egypt sits in jail for making a movie trailer. Every branch of our government went out of their way to blame him for a terrorist attack on our ambassador in Libya.

2. Is there a single major newspaper reporting on Benghazi murderers and what this administration was up to?  Have we all concluded that there is no longer any need for any further inquiry because, it simply won't do anyone any good to persist in asking these questions?

3. Anyone who questions Obama, is labeled a terrorist, and not directly by the Obama administration. The liberal media are happy to do this themselves. TEA party grandmas have been designated racists, fanatics, and terrorists and their voices have been drowned out by Fascist stooges in the government and the msm.

You think that freedom of speech still exists in this country? Go on and tell your neighbor how you really feel about this government. Or, do you tell your kids to keep quiet and not mention anything discussed at home, to their friends at school?

Welcome to tyranny.

Now ask yourself, why are they so concerned about the few Americans who still have a weapon to defend themselves with? No, your pistol or your hunting rifle won't prevent the overpowering state from pushing you around. You cannot match their firepower.  Let them believe they have the upper hand. Let them believe that you don't pose a threat to their tyranny. Meanwhile keep this in mind: the state is a clumsy and slow behemoth.  Outsmart them. That should be your weapon.

This civil war will heat up. Stay smart. Don't run into machine-gun fire with a fake wooden rifle.

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