Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hillary Solsos = Same Old Lying Sack of Shit

Just read an old post about Hillary Clinton and her actions in 1974, when she participated in the Watergate investigation. Unethical conduct doesn't quite capture her behavior on that committee.

She was violent and vile.

So much so, that she was fired by the chief of staff and general counsel - Jerry Zeifman.  Out of hundreds of staff members that Zeifman supervised during his 14 year tenure with the House Judiciary Committee, she was one of only 3 people who received no recommendation and were considered unworthy of public trust. For many years, her disgraceful conduct placed a hold on her political career. Unfortunately, people forget.

Read for yourself at the link below.

HILLARY SOLSOS 2016 would make a nice bumper sticker.

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