Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Funny Hurricane Irene Videos.

Here is a reporter trying to appear very serious about the danger he is facing, while a couple of guys streak across the screen and moon the cameraman.

For this particular New Yorker: I went to sleep listening to hard rain hit against the windows. When I woke up, I expected to see some bitching waves out of my window or at least watch the trees bow to some serious wind. Instead all I experienced was a pleasant breeze and saw the cops try to run a few people off the water-view trail; they were just enjoying their morning walk and this cop van came barreling down on them announcing that they better run for their lives over the loudspeaker.

In the final tally, I expect that the governmental edicts and reactions have cost the local communities far more than was done by mother nature. I really wish they could stop with their meddling and their nanny-state programs. We just cannot afford these fools any longer.

-HT: Doug Powers for the link to this video.


Rose said...

Glad you guys are all ok - The media sure had a field day, I think they enjoy getting all excited, makes them feel alive, and meaningful. The trouble is, how many times can the boy cry "WOLF!!" before no one listens and the real wolf does show up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, look up some videos of Vermont and parts of upstate NY (Prattsville). The wolf arrived. I hope you're safe at home while viewing the clips.