Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Bret Stephens of the WSJ summarizes Obama: "Stupid is as stupid does.", and many folks seek to blame Obama for the financial mess we're in. That is an incorrect approach. Our nation's woes are not the result of Obama's mental inadequacy. Rather, having Obama elected as our president is representative of our own stupidity. If we were a nation of clear headed and independent thinkers, Obama would have remained irrelevant. Our credit rating was down graded to AA+, but our nation's intellectual ability should be a D.

When I consider what it will take to rehabilitate this nation, I start to wonder whether it is even remotely possible. Nevertheless, we must work at this rehabilitation because our children deserve better.

In the spirit of president Camacho, here is my 3 step solution.

1. Abolish governmental bodies that stifle personal and financial growth.

- There may have been a time when small proprietary schools turned out mediocre graduates, and these schools needed to be combined into larger institutions so that the students would have access to quality teachers, and so that schools would have the resources for supplying their students with high quality education. Now, our educational system has become a humongous monster that does nothing but eat everything in sight just to maintain itself. Its teachers' only mission is to feed the monster, and they train sheep to be sheared or slaughtered.
- The Federal reserve main task is to weaken our monetary notes. Consequently what I receive for my work constantly depreciates, and cannot be counted on as a stable system of exchange of valuable goods. Solution - create a hard value backed currency; resume either a gold or silver standard.

2. Promote a society that values personal responsibility.

Enough with the handouts and promoting of the lazy and the inept. Stop supporting race based inequality laws. Strict "idiot proof" institutional guidelines mainly insure that idiots rise to management positions and lead to further idiotic guidelines.

3. Abolish laws that seek to blur the difference between fantasy and reality.

A gay couple is not the equivalent family unit to a family made of complementary sexes. It is not a biological equivalent, not a social equivalent, and it is not a theological equivalent. On a similar note, going to bed with a prostitute is not the same as being with your spouse. I have no problems with two people who want to engage in make believe sexual acts that brings them pleasure. But stop stuffing down my throat the notion that their delusional fantasies will produce anything other than another delusional fantasy. As was mentioned in Monty Python's Life of O'Brian, men can fight for their right to become pregnant but it's a pointless battle.

In the UN, we should stop treating every tin pot dictatorship as if its views and wants deserve the same weight as a modern democratic industrial nation. They are not equals and if we cannot respect that reality, then abolish the UN and create a body just for the world's democracies to participate in. I honestly don't give a rat's ass what a Syrian or Lybian dictator's definition of human rights is. It is wrong to elevate their opinions to those of the representative republics from the civilized world. In other words, not every culture is equal.


Rose said...

It's time for the push back - no question about it. Right now we are living in Bizarro World.

Rose said...

Thought you might like this link - it reinforces your outlook - Americans want the honor of 'earned success' - it's interesting. People are good - they've just lost their way.