Friday, October 3, 2014

Ebola in America

In my last post I said, that people will run from the highly infected regions such as Liberia. The first such known runner is Thomas Eric Duncan.  He knew that he was at high risk for developing this disease as he just handled a person dying from Ebola and others where he lived died from it. Attempts to get a dying Ebola patient to a medical center proved futile in Liberia because all treatment centers are full, so he needed an escape plan. He got on a plane and went to his family in Texas, and several days later tried to get himself checked into a medical center, just as he was beginning to develop symptoms. When he was turned away, family came up with a plan to get him into that center, they called the CDC. It turned out that his fears were well founded as testing confirmed his infection with the Ebola virus. The man and his family must have known about his potentially deadly illness or else they wouldn't have made such an effort to bring him here and and get him into a hospital.

I am not surprised that a runner was found in the U.S.  I am not sure that it is appropriate to call him patient zero because he is likely to be one of many such zeroes we will soon hear about. That is what most concerns me. How many other such runners will emerge since we haven't done a thing to quarantine the infected population in West Africa.

I am also not sure why Americans and American companies are waiting for Obama to call for suspension of travel to and from these areas? Why does it all depend on Zero?

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